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By zoemzoem#7439 - MEMBER - June 12, 2022, 21:51:02
Hi there, Hello!

As I was playing with a friend of mine I kinda got bored of my boowolf mount I've been using for years, So I decided to go questing for a change to get the same mount as he has: The dragominus. We tried looking for the quest on the internet but all dragominus mounts now seem to be in the cash shop. Am I wrong or are dragoturkeys and boowolves now the only pets left that aren't available exclusively in the cash shop?
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You get the dragominus from the main quest (around lvl 50), not the shop.

The shop just sells a skin that can disuise any mont as one
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There are very little mount options unless youre willing to pay for skins. Cody talks about Dragominus but I never encountered such and I believe to have completed main quest further than that so I dont know what that thing is. There should be more mounts with different bonuses & movement speeds. 
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It's the dragon you get from the temple of oktapodas
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Compared to Dofus, there aren't many mount species to choose from. It would be nice to have the beetle mount, for example.
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Wouldnt be surprised if it becomes a skin in Wakfu eventually. Ankama are interchanging elements from each game with the other and vise-versa a lot recently.
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Xoldrek#2637|2023-03-28 03:58:30
Y'all smoking? There's a war chief gobball, dragominus, dragoturkey, boowolf, bo meow, tofu, godron, mecha, boon, Drheller, gradon, dragosteed, ...

I wonder perhaps what the previous persons comment is referring to is that on Wakfu currently the mounts offer a type of mastery (area, single target, melee, distance, element) whereas on Dofus mounts not only offer a specific element bonus, they also offer a HP bonus and some gens offer either AP or MP bonus.
Mounts on both Dofus and Wakfu offer a movement bonus.
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The Dragonimus Mount is given upon completion of the Nations Chapter 5 Main Story quest, part of the overarching Zinit quest line. 

It is offered to you after you beat Corrupted Mimi the Marvelous as part of a quest step by giving you a one time token called the Azurite Dofus. You will then interact with the totem at the back of the Oktapodus temple which lets you claim a Dragonimus with whatever mastery you desire. 

If you have discarded the token (The Azurite Dofus) you can no longer obtain this mount anymore. 
As Cody has mentioned, you can buy a similar looking skin from the Shop.

You can obtain a few types of mounts for free: 
Boowolf from Pack/Hero page (K) as part of account rewards.
Dragoturkey from the Asturb quest. 
Dragonimus from Nations quest. 

The others are store bought, with others being skins, so be careful and read carefully before you buy anything. Skins can be applied to any mount as a purely cosmetic option, meaning you can make your ugly turkey look like a fabulous dragon if you wish. 
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Don't forget Tofu mount from mineral tower. It's my favourite ^^
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