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Popular classes you're most likely and least likely to see used in dungeons lv.140 - Moon content.

By welovetheavatar#8131 - MEMBER - May 13, 2022, 06:27:59

           Hi everyone and welcome! Out of the 18 various Wakfu classes available there are always going to be some classes that are more popular than others and today we’re going to look at each class one by one as see how likely it is that you run into them while doing dungeons with random players at this level.

            Why begin with lv.140 dungeons?
      Well usually around this level people get bored with their classes and choose to start over or find the dungeons too punishing and unforgiving and stop playing for awhile. So certain classes tend to be less common.

             What's the purpose of this post?
        The purpose of this post is to hopefully see more people playing some of the unpopular classes and showing them a little love. So without further adieu let's begin!

             The ratings system: Odds of seeing the heroes in a random dungeon comp. 
 fireCommon- You’re likely to see this class being used. 

 waterNot as common- Popular class, but just not as popular as the ones mentioned before. 
 earthRare -These classes tend to be more niche and only taken to dungeons for certain reasons.

 pensiveMythical - These classes haven’t been proven to exist at this level yet and are seldom seen in dungeon comps. If you see one that isn’t an alt, then notify your local Bonta/Brakmar militia as there is 100,000 kama reward for proof that anyone plays these classes in dungeons at these levels.

fire Commonly seen while running dungeons lv.140-Moon

Osamoda - You knew it would be in the top. This fiery dragon turns his summons into a nova bomb and sends them straight at dungeon mobs. After the rework Osamodas have been spotted all over the world of 12 destroying ecosystems while searching for the perfect summon. 

Sram - This smooth criminal is popular in dungeon comps at this level for good reason. The backstab and invisibility allows him to do damage and then avoid it. Therefore, we see our shady friend in many dungeons.

Sacrier - Another class that blossomed after the revamp. Now Sac can easily go berserk and with good positioning, can blow the dungeon boss back into the next dimension. Haven’t we all marveled at a low hp sacrier destroying dungeon mobs?

Panda - Before lv.140 I didn’t notice Panda so much, but at this level our dizzy friend is bound to be setting up backstabs for srams or aoe damage for other classes. He's mostly seen as an alt to support the main damage dealer.

Xelor - Did someone say Hammrhour because I believe it's hammer time! You can’t touch the Xelor! They are everywhere now and do wonderful damage in dungeons with their unique abililty to position themselves.

water Not as common

Eniripsa - Our innocent little fairy is still the best healer and is often seen on cookie cutter 3-man teams (tank, dd, healer) 

Iop - Falcon punching everything in his path, it’s easy to see why Iop is constantly picked and seen. Another popular 3-man cookie cutter team pick.

Cra - Sit back and launch a volley of arrows. Hey some people like to watch from the back lines and at this level it’s fine.

Masqueraider - Armor, heals, buffing, positioning, and reviving! What else do you need? Seriously what else?

earth Rare

Feca - Not sure where our shepherd went to, but after being more balanced, he has been more commonly seen herding sheep in Astrub. Outside of this, Feca may be included as a tank in the cookie cutter 3-man teams.

Enutrof- Has anyone seen a good Enu? I mean a really good Enu? Still, we see Enu’s usually as Alts for treasure hunters who just can’t seem to get those coveted drops. Although often times those treasure hunters have to settle for delicious candies instead. Still, Enu boosts drop rates so they will be continued to be spotted and seen in various dungeons in this level range.

Sadida - I have faith that the Sadida mains will one day rise again, although not today. Our forest princess probably won’t be spotted much outside of Sadida Kingdom at this level. Although having some of the best animations and best looks makes her excellent for dressing up in the latest costumes and dresses as you allow her to sit on the field and play with her dolls.

Eliotrope - After the revamp, I have seen them played more, but maybe their constant need to recharge damage playstyle makes people avoid them somewhat. People seem to glorify classes who try to kill bosses or entire mobs before turn 4 and Elio needs time to set up at this level.

pensiveMythical??? Do they still exist? Come on people show these classes some love!kiss

Ecaflip - Geesh! When was the last time you seen an Ecaflip at this level besides “[Forum Rules] ” on the Roubilax server? If you’re an Ecaflip you probably won’t be seeing any others so it’s best for you to summon your Bow meows to keep you from feeling lonely. Still people will love your revive. (If they aren't instant killed first)

Rogue - Does anyone play a rogue besides “[Forum Rules] ” on the Roubliax server? (The guy that offers to help with dungeons etc.) I mean I’m guessing people don’t want to wait for bombs to explode or the class is too complicated to play in dungeons at this level for most people. Not to mention the boss swapping places and invulnerabilites etc.

Foggernaut - After the rework to the stasis damage, it seems as if this hero retired to the oceans of Sufokia and never returned. Maybe it’s the aesthetics that has made this hero shy and self-conscious. Maybe after Ankama adjusts its appearance to be more human and costume friendly we will see our metal hero again onshore.

Huppermage - By far the coolest description, by being the master of all four elements earthfirewaterneutralthis class should be everywhere! I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to be Aang from Avatar the Last Air Bender? Sadly, outside of the Huppermage school you probably won’t run into this hero in random dungeon comps.

Ouginak- To be honest outside of Tovak (Ouginak Quest) following me, I haven't seen one in any dungeon comps recently in the last 4 months. I'm sure there might be a few still out there, but it seems that they prefer to live at the camp on the edge Ohwymi Desert for now. I even had to modify this post since I totally forgot to mention Ouginaks in my original posting. 

Hi guys thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. If you disagree or agree feel free to leave a comment below. 

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I'm glad it made you laugh Tom. happy

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I like your enthusiasm. However, more-or-less on your praise for ''popular'' players. We call that ''kiss a**''. Not a great way to make a name for yourself. Just advice.

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Thanks Enigma I appreciate your feedback.

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Ghost of an Ouginak here, still exist but I made the mistake of leveling other damage classes and people want them over my Ougi, even tried leveling a second one but.... no love. 
[ RIP Rockruff , last seen in action: pre merge. ]

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Wow Misuto! You're were really passionate about the Ougi and I'm sorry you didn't feel the love in return. One goal of this post was to create some awareness for players to be more willing to accept or give these "mystical" classes a chance. I also like the pokemon reference in Rockruff hahaha. 

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I used to be a Tank fogg enthusiast after the revamp, but the Pummel changes killed my immortal build.

For those who don't know Pummel used to give way more armor and it increased based on the Overpressure level, nowadays the shield value is so low I stopped enjoying the class.

Now I switched to Feca, it tanks very well and gives lots of shields. 


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Hi Devatus glad you decided to share a bit of your history as a Fogger. Maybe if there is a Fogger main online with some tips then maybe he/she can revive your interest in the class and perhaps others. I know the current fogger has quite a few passives for tanking a bit so maybe those passives might help. Now I have played a Fogg recently but I'm not familiar with the old pummel so I will take your word for it concerning the armor generation. Also I'm glad you found another support class that you enjoy which makes the grind much more enjoyable.

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You are looking at classes in a limited range, which does not give an idea of ​​the full picture. I mean that you don't talk about the popularity of the class in PvP, including after level 140 and in  the content level island of Moon. I don't like this way of looking at a class at any one level because it doesn't take into account what a class can do at a low level and at a high content level compared to others. Because for example Rogue is now the top class for level 230 content. It may not be popular in mass use, but in half of the dungeons Rogue outperforms all other classes without exception. And in PvP, Rogue meta PvP class. Feca also top PvP and PvE class. You asked for a comment, so I'll move on to a slightly different rating system, which also does not pretend to be the full picture, but takes into account PvP:
Meta classes :
(it's not a top, just a general list of Meta class)

  • Sacrier - high survivability, easy to switch styles from damage dealer to tank, have mobility and the ability to control the position of enemies through Attracts and Transposition. Easy regen WP. Popular in both PvP and PvE.
  • Feca - can combine high resistances and damage through Peace armor . They can position the enemy well. Mobile in combat. Strong in support, give a lot of armor and buffs. Perfect class with no obvious flaws. Popular in PvP and PvE.
  • Panda - their positioning is literally what keeps the game goingph34r. Remove panda positioning and all players will cry because they are used to playing through such easy positioning without restrictions. Panda is high mobility, the ability to be a tank. Popular in PvE, but less common in PvP.
  • Masqueraider - a clone allows them to do a lot. A universal class that can be a survivable damage dealer, can revive, give shields, buffs, heal, position. Mobile. Popular in PvP and PvE.
  • Xelor - high damage. Give a class massive damage and everyone will love it. Xelor mobile due to dial. And in new situations with WP interaction with Dial, it literally made Xelor a player with a low amount of movement points, which few people write about when they compare Xelor with Сra. If Xelor is stabilized, he will quickly lose some of his mobility due to low MP. They play more at close range. Popular in PvE, but not popular in PvP due to the fact that the PvP Meta requires a completely different and specific build setup (Cog build)

Good classes : 
these classes are not adapted to the new passive system.
  • Сra - always huge range for dealing damage. Mobile. Even if the Cra are stabilized, they usually have a lot of movement points and Cra can remove movement points. Can position. However, they are not popular in PvP and have an average popularity in PvE.
  • Sram - invisibility, high mobility, ability to position, good aoe damage makes the class good for playing in PvE, not so common in PvP.
  • Enutrof - removes resistances, has an increased chance for loot, remove movement points. They are quite good in PvE and have low popularity in PvP.
  • Iop - can deal a lot of damage every turn. They are not afraid to be in the thick of the fight and can absorb damage for a while. Good for PvE and found in PvP.
  • Sadida - can revive, remove resistances, heal / buff. Good for PvE and rare in PvP. Often replaced by Masq.
This classes can be found, but less frequently :
  • Eniripsa is a great healer, can give a range, has a unique gameplay across the marks. But not as mobile as Masq and can't remove resistances like Sadida. Not bad in PvE but rare in PvP.
  • Ecaflip - I still see these guys, they can be pretty durable and do a lot of damage. However, something in them repels from more frequent use. For a while I saw them very often in PvP, but now I see them less often.
  • Huppermage - if I see them in PvE they are all the same and play through the same spells. It's a sad, because this is a magician of 4 elements not magicians of one combination.Rare in PvP.
An endangered species
  • Ouginak - these guys lack IDENTITY. They restore WP easily, have good damage, but they lack some elements in their identity to make the class stand out among Sacrier or Iop or Sram. Rare in PvP and PvE for me.
  • Foggernaut - the past Fogg was described by a simple formula. Give high damage every turn and everyone will use them. Especially since stasis damage always reduced resistances and attacked at the lowest resistance, which made this class a meta. I support the direction of the developers to redesign Fogg because they were broken, but after the revamp they also lack an identity. Maybe new summons and mechanisms? Or return to them small the removal of resists? I don't know, but these guys need a little love.Very rare in PvP and PvE.
don't know how to classify:
  • Elio - has always been a cheating class that put portals in the far corners of the map and abused dungeons, and did the dungeon alone .... for many turns, running back and forth from distant portals. They can revive. Mobile, high aoe damage. However, I don't see them in PvP and rarely see them in PvE. Probably many Eliotropes were not ready to be accepted accept the terms of the new passive system and play with flaws, which is why many switched to other classes or left the game.It's not easy for them to get the Berserk state compared to Sacrier. On high-level content 230, you can find several Elios and ranked top in dungeon ladder but did they really have fun?
  • Osamodas - these guys are going to be meta soon. I don't see enough Osa players in both PvE and PvP yet, but their potential is incredible, especially if you play with an Osa who recognizes his abilities and uses them.
  • Rogue - depending on the Excess sublimation and in half of the dungeons (approximately) outperform all other classes. Top PvP class.

What should developers focus their efforts?

1) Adaptation of the remaining half of the classes to the new passive system. 
and only then make any additional settings when everyone is on an equal footing. I see a lot of Sadida players getting angry because they expected their class to get a revamp, but I don't really understand the reason for this position. Are they tired of the monotonous gameplay? Or do they want something new? Panda is also quite monotonous and has not had new elements for a long time. Usually when one class gets too much attention, other players get angry too, because they want their class to get attention too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's an endless tug of war. it's better to customize one class so well that you don't have to go back to it later. if you can't make this setting in one patch, there's nothing wrong with some class getting a setting in multiple patches. but I understand players who get angry and want attention too.

after adapting everyone to the new passive system I would take another look at the new meta and 
2) would raise interest in non-meta classes through the improvement of identity elements. Probably, in an ideal world, this can be done if everyone is in the meta level, so that the class is irreplaceable, and...okey this is difficult to do, but for some reason I want to believe. if we land on a more rational than sensual representation, then the second point I would pay attention to those classes that are least used : Foggernaut and Ouginak. 

3) The next step I would do would be to do a survey of what classes players want to get revamp by understanding the meaning and difference from a rework.Sadida, Eniripsa, Panda? Or Sadida and Eniripsa? Or only Sadida? Or some other class needs full revamp? 

4) I would monitor the behavior of the meta and add or motivate alternative forms of play in classes. This does not allow you to get bored of the monotony and inoculation in the class against spam of the same combinations. For example, Xelor is quite monotonous and is expected to be in the team more often in the role of a damage dealer than in any other. ease of switching between roles for me, first of all, should be provided by a passive system, and not by items or sublimations. We must also be careful about classes that only form teams of 6 identical characters. I don't think this is a healthy practice, although it may be fun to some extent for those who do it.
There is a very thin line between fun and serious restrictions, which under themselves can have a rational explanation. However, people come to games to relax and have fun more than work, and Wakfu is an MMO RPG game. For many of us, our characters carry a deep semantic meaning, although this does not exclude those players who came to Wakfu to get a different experience not related to identification and self-development through interaction in a virtual environment with other people.
That's why it's so hard to do game design. It is necessary to constantly monitor, collect, analyze information. Act promptly, take responsibility for your decisions, admit mistakes, because we are not robots and every person can make mistakes. It's a huge stress.
In closing, I would like to thank you for this topic. Although I don't agree with some of the classifications, I like your writing style in some places, for example I got some positive emotions when you described Ouginak and wrote about Tovak happy
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Wow Tempus! You're quite the writer and a very passionate one by the way. I'm glad you enjoyed the writing style and  found the Tovak part memorable.

       Based on the title of my post I should focus on "Popular classes you're most likely/least likely to see used in dungeons lv.140 - Moon content " I mentioned why I chose that level group and the purpose of this post in FAQ section at the beginning of the post.  So that is why I didn't go into PVP, PVE,  before lv.140, and post moon content since it would be off-topic. 
       Now concerning your article, I believe it will be a big help to people interested in PVP and end-game content since you mentioned “Meta” and other useful phrases for the competitive audience which enjoys that scene. You also broke down a lot of interesting points about the classes which older players and subscribers will find helpful in making their ultimate PVP/PVE teams for high level content. You also took time to mention how developers can improve certain aspects. Therefore, I want to thank you for your response. The only suggestion I have is to maybe post it in the forum under an accurate title so those die-hard Wakfu Meta fans and the devlopers can appreciate it to the fullest. Once again wonderful article Tempus and thanks for taking time to post it.

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i thought it was a class tier list, but that was cute 

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Hi Cawleerr!  Maybe one day I might consider doing a class tier list from lv.6 - 80 but that's about it hahaha. Still I'm glad you thought the post was cute and entertaining. 

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