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Not a MMO anymore?

By Figim#8849 - MEMBER - May 10, 2022, 16:38:55

>When was the last time you did a dungeon in a party of 4, 5 or even 6 real players?
>Why did Wakfu change into a, almost single player, looter game?
>Why party size is shrinking instead of increasing  
and many other questions...

I feel like Wakfu lost/made irrelevant all its the social aspects and grinding became main focus of the game. But lets not touch automated teamsearch here, he doesn't feel so goodwink
 Even if i return into game now, all what awaits me is grinding lvl (from where i am rn) to 230,
gear for that lvl, sockets for that gear, colors for those sockets, runes for.....
Why is there no catchup mechanic for new/returning players or atleast more social/interesting way to gain lvl, gear, etc. Adjusting already existing daily/weekly quests for better rewards would already be something..
 Or pvp, idk what pvp is about now, i checked when next BF will be, its in do i annoy other players today if there is no battlefield? (like cmon, pvp is a weird but funny social interactionmellow)
 Ultimate bosses. Last time i did one of those was when they were still not locked behind ALS system and i was doing them all, just for free kama.
 New social events would be cool, like minesweeper game from Koko arch, add some cool rewards to it, maybe adjust for more players/pvp type of game and new event is ready.

And so on...but one thing is for sure, all the fun stuff that i remember in wakfu was with other players, not solo.

p.s. fun storry i found today : ) 

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That's a hilarious story, kinda reminds me of how whacky and unbalanced early wakfu was.

But yeah teamfinder is useless, needs a complete rework

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Been playing, for the most part, solo since 2013. Unless you have good contacts and have a stable activity time within a Guild, you're on your own to figure it out. Let's not forget the majority of players go to school. Therefore very active when school is out and dead when back to school.

PvP has never worked on Wakfu. Ever. You got to have the best gear, highest level to outmatch someone. In other words, only the 10% of Wakfu players dominate the PvP board and they get bored real fast.

Other people complain there's not enough content but rush through the game within 1 week and bring people down with them because they're unhappy with the slow progression of content. 

As far as I remember, there's more complaints on this game than positive remarks. Anyways, that's from my past experience dating from 2013. Mind you that I was also on the NOX server. Oh la la!

Happy gaming!

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battlegrounds pvp was fine, i was doing those almost daily
I never tried to grind past 14k merit (2nd biggest wings were enough for me) and was playing only lvl200 bracket
for me it's more about fun at trolling, like joining fights and helping enemy to win and stuff.

and, well, i got alot of complains too : D

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I think we all have their complaints but I found, since I recently came back the game has been p dang alive at all hours. ( for Wakfu standards anyway, I remember completely empty markets in 2018 ) so there are souls around.

as far as grouping up goes I can't say, ive been a mostly solo player since 2013 and I still have a small group of friends to do stuff with... but we have known each other for years, so that backs up Enigma's point aha; 

but things like environmental challenges are actually being done, there is also the big area challenges that require resources that I have seen groups of people set up together. 
I've also seen some pact pvp that gave me old vibes of the past, complete with trash talk and thrown keyboards. 

Overall though im rather happy with the place Wakfu is at right now, things are moving forwards. 

( Though for the love of all, please turn off the required ALS on ultimate bosses, at least everything pre-186 Nogord is that much of a big deal. I'd love some mimi sets but am far too lazy to re-learn them all lmao ) 


cody5#2705|2022-05-11 07:19:43
Yeah they should just make all UB scale to your lvl like ogrest and rifts, we have enough ALS in ranked already

If I could fight Moowolf scaled up to 230 I dang well would re-learn the fight haha.
My main frustration comes from set building for all the other levels, I'm just not into leveling down for stuff and I've never found anyone whos also willing to do real ALS with me that wasn't part of the wrath quest. 
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Yeah they should just make all UB scale to your lvl like ogrest and rifts, we have enough ALS in ranked already

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for better or worse a lot of MMO games are starting to drift towards the single player mentality.

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Good old Wakfu, when I had friends and we were going on adventures through the (back then) massive Amakna completing the different dungeons together and leveling up, I was the newest, a Feca, our leader was a purple haired Cra, I remember when we met her, and she oneshotted an early boss, I know it's supper dumb but we were like "THIS GIRL IS SO GOOOOOD" (she was level 40 something and we were level 25-30 with really bad sets), there was a Xelor and a Iop, really fun dudes, at some point we drifted appart, but damm, how we fangirled after crossing the bridge to emelka "THIS IS THE PLACE OF THE SERIES OMG" (now that bridge is gone lmao)

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In my opinion, Wakfu is currently very similar to Genshin Impact: a single-player MMO with co-op features, where you can have your own team to take on different challenges. Since it is a turn-based game,it is easy for players to manage different accounts or characters (Heroes) simultaneously and, seeing the current state of the game, I don't really blame them because I'd do the same if the BP wasn't restricted to just 3 characters tbh. Dungeon runs can be so fragile sometimes and there are many factors that can ruin a run: time, player availability, how stable is the team internet connection, CLASSES, etc.

I agree that the game could use more social interactions, maybe some PvP minigames that doesn't necessarily revolve around killing and killing, something that you could do to pass the time. Wakfu has an incredibly big potential to be a relaxing social MMO, something that hasn't been fully explored yet (because the current state of the game is a lot of grind with loads of RNG). 

Btw if you are looking for something more wild than battlefield you can try Demonic Pacts where you can hunt other players to steal their accumulated exp and drop. 


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Bluhen#6777|2022-05-13 16:42:25

 Wakfu has an incredibly big potential to be a relaxing social MMO, something that hasn't been fully explored yet (because the current state of the game is a lot of grind with loads of RNG). 


Just this.

We need more activities outside the common grinding , I've been saying it since lv200 , now we have up to lv230 with 5 dungeons in this branch , which means they surely mean to add another 2-4 .

Pact system allowed adding another feature to the game which consisted into trying to hunt players , not actual pvp since most of them aren't geared or just bait you to extract safely with their accs.  It's another way of grinding , but it's kinda fun and takes you outside the repetitive dungeon farming.

Troll Fair , minigames , divine artifacts and their corresponding chests or exploration. Hidden Emotes, etc

Imagine the possibility to do arenas even , trying to obtain those cosmetics items for our mimisymbics use or different cosmetics.
We had at the beggining a lot of different activities to try and do , the rewards didn't need necessarily to be an upgrade for your character , something cosmetic used to be enough.

The new zones and content lacks all of this , they surely have a lot of details in the maps backgrounds (or dumbo fog that annoys you such at horridemon dungeon) but they don't really have the things mentioned above. The closest questline that could be classified as "minigame" was trying to find the hidden musical stheles at shuuudoku's kingdom.

The questlines are also kinda messy , the way they tried to connect eliocalypse with the main story the game was building around the god's and Ulu's betrayal doesn't feel slick enough. 

Not to mention almost every decent questline is locked behind ALS content , if you thought being high lvl with a decent gear is useful , wait until you need to do lv160- dungeons to unlock a single drop for your high lvl gear which will only last for a few months before the new content drops, making yours outdated.

Since everyone is telling their experiences here goes mine:

I used to try different classes since lvling up wasn't my concern , when I tried them all and sticked to my main I went into doing quests and finishing all those pop-ups that would appear when reaching a new undiscovered zone for me , I had so much fun when I finished Wabbits quests since they gave you a bow that allowed pushing enemies from far away , There were sets with special effects such dodging enemies hits with a certain % to work and my main income came from crafting consumables by harvesting outside haven bag , other players usually tried to steal my crops and we ended fighting or calling our friends to protect us while recolecting . Outlaws tried ruining the ecosystem by stealing crops from the other nations so guards were always near the travel ships to protect  , sometimes guilds would gather around this events and start "wars" , everyone loved watching (something similar happens at brakmar thanks to the pact system but not as common since politics are just outdated compared as before).

There were this special wakfu and stasis items that had as condition having their corresponding element in a certain % or higher. Plus you needed to collab with your other element partners to unlock this special forges which would reset each certain time recquiring you to open them again by giving some resources.
You could try conquering some zones such Pup Island by attacking it's npc.

We would be able to select the specific environmental quests which could help finishing a lot of achievements and obtaining special titles for example( this of course can be expanded into many different sectors according to the difficulty of the achievements: Pets , Auras, Ornaments . . .)

Basically grinding wasn't the objective , you could explore every single system the game offered , even the game Ad's specified that it was a politic-environmental based game , wiki still says it , it's not true tho. All this features have been removed or gradually went forgotten since they are outdated and don't offer any kind of reward to spend our time on it.

 The other concern I have is the dragon thingy. We were hinted in the old zinit that we were going to encounter the other dragons which could've lead to epic fights or discovering why they support ogrest destructive decisions.
Lv230 and the only one that appeared is Aqua.

- TL: DR: Many different aspects of the game that didn't revolve around grinding have just been left behind. Each lvl branch is now a use&throw content since new content will always be better in terms of stats and we shouldn't even bother doing the ALS recquirements for a single item that takes weeks to obtain when there will be a better one obtainable from a new dungeon. Each day that passes the feeling of progressing into nothing intensifies , it's just empty grinding with nothing behind it.  -
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Yeah most of the god dimensions are kinda bland and samey, but mount zinit is quite interesting with it's lore and how you use artifacts to scale it.

I hope the ecosystem rework comes soon, from what they said it would bring at least a bit of that sandboxiness back from the beta days.

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