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Next revamp class?

By rustandi#8582 - MEMBER - March 31, 2022, 00:29:46


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First Ankama intervention

Who knows.

See message in context
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I havee a feeling it will be Iop or Cra

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I've seen many of the classes you've listed have small re-dos within the last few years already, I'd place my bets on sram or sadida, maybe even cra

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My bet is on:

And maybe

Ouguinak recently had a small rework and is in a good state
Foger was literally just reworked

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i disagree with ecaflip, ecaflip is in a very good place right now and sees regular small tweaks to keep it updated and inline with the game content. to devote a rework to it would be a misinvestment of dev time, in my opinion.

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Sadida might be a good candidate.

  • They aren't on the 'malus passive' system and have very few total passives.
  • Changes to the control stat would influence dolls. So changing them before reworking or removing control would make sense.
  • They don't have any 'unlockable third spell bar' spells... I think? I don't actually play the class.

I don't think Fogger will be getting a rework anytime soon.
  • Too soon.
  • Way too soon.
  • I would argue that some of their core mechanics need more support, but not a full rework.
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.. oh yeah i didnt put eniripsa on the list.. haha..

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Do all classes need a revamp? Considering how much time and resources it takes for developers to adapt new code (fixing bugs, setting up work with sublimation, etc.) ... some classes received a powerful boost simply from adapting to a new passive system, for example, sacrier didn't get revamp, but got more passives.
I think the same will happen to everyone else.
and let's not be confused REVAMP and REWORK 
these are two different things, although they may have a common goal improve the class, etc.
half of the classes were not adapted to the new passives system, but one last year the developers allocated an entire 1.73 patch for this (sacrier, ecaflip, xelor, elio etc received attention) in order to save some resources for the 1.74 patch
1.75 osa
hmm 1.76 this is usually a big content patch for the summer so
maybe how in last year the developers devoted one whole patch to setting up classes
but who knows, maybe they have other plans for 1.77 or they will give classes a bit more attention in each patch from now on. but I liked that in one patch 1.73 was devoted to adapting to the new passive system for several classes

still in the old passive system where passives evolve from level 1 to level 2 :
Enutrof (?)


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Wdym? Sacrier did get a full rework, they changed like half their spells.

Honestly my guess for the next rework is ecaflip since they already tweaked his spells last pach, they just need new passives now

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I'd say Sadida is the one who needs a rework the most right now. The Dolls are kind of outdated and not a lot of players use them because how erratic they can be (Sadidas are catalogued as Summoners after all). It is nice to have the option to buff them through elemental spells but, because dolls are weird, in my opinion those effects tend to go to waste except for the AP and MP buffs. The Voodooll is AMAZING but instead of a rework I'd say this ability requires a visual indicators to let the allies know which enemy is linked to it, also it would be amazing if it could be linked to an ally to redirect heals.

Then I guess Ecaflip would be a nice option. Many players have stated how the class can't keep up with the others. I DO hope they maintain at least 1 branch totally RNG.

Then... I guess it depends on the current state of the game and how the community perceives the changes. I expect they first rework the classes with the most complex mechanics, that way the players can still rely on the easiest ones such as Iop, Cra or Eni in the meantime without stressing over the changes

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Fogger already got his revamp, it was the first (out of five) to get it (osamodas was the fifth)

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But do other classes really need a rework?

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Well they need a good WP system and new passives at least

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Osamodas could use a revamp to fix the monster capturing system to what it was like before they wrecked it with the latest update.

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I'm hoping for Sadidas or Sram revamps. Sadida's dolls aren't very good, especially when they're basically 1 shot due to every factor in the battlefield... also their AI is pretty bad, sometimes blocking each other where there could've been a perfect sync... For Sram the problem i see is the weak point stacks are too slow to use effectively, and thus you deal less than average damage overall meanwhile other classes have a much more simple time hitting people... worst part is that long range Sram isn't viable... and traps are underwhelming.

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Who knows.

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I think soft touch ups and tweaks are good and breathe new life into classes, like what was recently done with Ecaflip. Balance patches that shake up the meta and make new strategies viable are my favorite part of multiplayer games. If Ankama went through some of the weaker spells/passives of the classes and buffed them a bit, that would be really cool.

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I hope it's Sadidas. Years ago, before they started this last batch of revamps, sadidas class WAS in the list to be revamped. But then they annouced the ravamped classes would be Fogger, Feca, Masq, Xelor and Osa. Oh well, you know how things are...

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AmorphousSquid#8389|2022-04-07 19:11:17
This is probably some kind of clue. If we unscramble the letters in 'Who knows' we get 'Show wonk'. But what is a wonk...

won'kill anything after the revamp
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if no revamp for cra.. i hope they change riddle system..

riddle not stack on enemy but it stack on cra.. like sram weak point.. cra in end game dungeon really hard to clear mobs as fast as others hero.. cra always stack riddle on mobs and ussualy already die before he use destruc.. if riddle stack on cra himself.. u can deal high dmg in next turn.. so riddle u stack not wasted..

poison mechanic on cra maybe they can change it like xelor buff, per ap use.. so when cra hit enemy under this buff he direcly stack poison per ap he used or per riddle he stack..

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Same for pandawa, they have to stack dizzy on enemies, allies and themself

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The other classes already have minor tweaks in recent patches, except Cra.
I can see that it's no longer possible to tweak Cra further without ruining the class entirely (the devs tried... but the changes got undone during beta). It needs a full rework at this point.

Another possibility is Eniripsa. Although enis still have the best heals out of all other support classes, not being able to armour allies makes them less desirable. So, I can foresee that this ability will be added in their next rework.

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It would be cool if we could get a Tristepin + Evangelyne story base of some sorts, and then get the rework/revamp/whatever for both Iop and Cra :p

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revamp ecaflips, they ruined them.


Please revamp ecaflips!

Originally they started out as a RNG burst damage class. you could literally 1 turn anything if you were lucky. The damage was similar to rogues, how you could double or quit your damage twice. but later they changed it to be a more well balanced class, a jack of all trades, which i think was the best form of the eca, but now the eca is a support and cant benefit from its own abilities.

Cant benefit from -resistance on double or quits, because it only applies after your turns done.
they added a bunch of support passives like clover, and life token, the people that dont care about ecas changes arent even eca mains, of course they wouldnt care if the eca turned into a support vs rng burst dmg. 

we already have support classes, but we only had 1 class that had rng burst dmg. "ecas were broken", were they though? broken like rogues doing over 50k damage? broken like sacs getting 10k armor 90% resistance every turn? 

I really used to enjoy them as a jack of all trades/ rng class.

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And what would you change about them?

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