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Maybe it's time to remove govement from wakfu?

By ApmasTo#9964 - MEMBER - February 27, 2022, 14:50:11

Self explaining tittle. Next, goverment time to time find it funny to ruin player experience by setting laws for most playable maps under which people can't attack monsters at all (without getting negative CP). They mostly pick weekend to do such actions, and also doing it in most playable areas, mostly enjoyed by new players.

I personally think that goverment isn't for kids (seriously in real life we have age cenzorship for that)... Why do we need something over our heads, this system is mostly exploited to ruin other players experience, and no real benefits from it.

It's not fun, it's toxic.

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Hello everyone!

We'll have to moderate the thread but please note we are aware of your feedback about the Government system.

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no need to build angels out of yourself. if the game has functions to set any laws, then players will use these functions. no one is stopping you from changing your nation or voting in the next election. focus on playing, not hunting players

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A Putin worth speach (StormBraka), we have weapons we kill people, no need brains uh uh, - monkey madness...
Goverment system are abused with few people, and they having fun by ruining other players experience, - especially new players. This Nationalism system is absolute unnecessary for fantasty game. I haven't seen any flaws of it during my playtime, and it have bring to me a lot of troubles in general (negative experience, or complete had to stop playing for a day or two).

The choose is after Ankama's personal, feed those few trolls those keep as governors for years, or all players to play their game without somebody over their heads.

I want to notify, that negative score I have received only shows that this question is must, - they don't like it, they are toxic for other players (they not even understand why whole map becomes unplayable, can't kill any monster, plant or cut without real reason).

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The problem with government system, its design. It allows people to troll the community if they want, and they can abuse the poll system with multi-accounts with lots characters with farmed CP points. So knowing what had happened in the past already, this is no the first time someone want to troll with this. And haven't fixed the whole system on all this time. It's just to remove the whole feature. Or at least look for alternatives, where they can serve the community and can't do any harm.

There's a lot of people that don't care about this feature, so the most intelligent option is that this doesn't disturb their gameplay.

Just a simple idea, use the same system as pacts who cares about that sign up on that.

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It absolutely sucks to have your training blocked or hindered by the government restrictions.
Being unable to access game features because another player arbitrarily put restrictions in place is a ludicrously poor design that doesn't help with Wakfu's playerbase/player retention issue.

One huge issue is that you're able to experience the negative impact of the government system before you feel any benefits of it.
Actually, are there any benefits from the system?

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A government system is a neat idea. It could be something cool.
But in it's current implementation it is nothing more than a griefing tool to make the game more tedious for others for the lulz.

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Honestly, I have been asking for a government rework for years and they even announced it on the roadmap a few years ago, but I guess it got put on the backburner so all the classes could be reworked and the whole stasis system.

I don't think just flat out removing it is the solution tho

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I believe for players level 80 or less it does become a hinderance. I recall a few times not being able to kill certain mobs (usually a rare mob) and there was no clear reason why. A player can kill a few and take the -cp penalty then plant the mob or resources again to gain +cp, but for new players this may keep them away from the game. I also think the forum should just have a thumbs up icon only  instead of thumbs down like Youtube since kids or lonely adults have nothing better to do than troll. Anyways thankfully the government doesn't bother me too much (I just know it gives xp bonuses), but I understand the system is outdated and just like dungeon rankings, forums votes, and markets, it can be taken advantage of by a few (not all) multi account holders.
Regardless people will still play Wakfu until the Wakfu launcher or Java gives out and I wish the game success. 

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there is no point in filming some people when the system is broken. it's not a problem to go to another market or change nation. I only agree with some of the comments here that the system doesn't work well. many positions in the government do not work, for example, the treasurer cannot transfer currency from the locations of the divine dimensions because there are no npc. or Challenger. Why Challenger can no longer buy quests? it's his job to arrange quests, but literally half of the functionality in politics does not work and instead Ankama just raises levels cap. 
no need to remove anyone, it doesn't fix the system. you just need to do a policy update so that the functionality works and that there are counterbalances against abusing, when one person with 20 characters votes 20 votes instead of 1

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Rather than removing it, it would require an intensive revamping to address the current problems. Among others, possible changes:

  • Limiting the candidates and votes to just one per IP address AND account: this would prevent the current wave of trolling, and might be an addition to prevent account sharing, mulevoting and early impeachments too.
  • Removing the Booster restriction for taking part in elections both as candidate and as voter: with the limit of IP and account, this might no longer be needed and would give a chance for anyone to take part in elections. Citizen points should keep having some value here too.
  • Updating the functions the goverment does: The current projects fail as Kama-sinker right now. Some possible stuff to be added: temporary bonuses (hours, days, etc.) to harvesting EXP or even gathering, Prospecting, Wisdom... etc. Weather and climate is basically ignored, as it only has moderated negative effects on both professions and harvesting.
  • Updating the managing features: As already pointed out, some areas do not have an NPC to access the interface (Xelorium, Enurado, and other places where the Clan Member is not present nor accessible). This should be changed to have its own new governor interface.
  • Market taxes and/or sales should be treated according to the nationality of the seller: rather than taking the tax at the moment and place where it was placed, it should be at the time of being sold and checking the nationality of the seller. It would be simplified keeping the tax rate by nation, regardless of the region, as the Market of Nations Board is shared among all four nations and Srambad too, which doesn't really feel like a logic thing. Amaknian sellers would send taxes to the Amaknian governor, Bontarian one to Bonta, etc. The nation tax rate should be very visible at that time too. This would also have consequences for the governors if the players decide to give a negative popularity or even leave that nation, because right now most of governors are untouchable and this is the main reason for the uncontrolled trolling waves. However, this might require adding some extra data to the Sales object to keep the tax rate in that moment, to prevent swapping from 5% to 70% and affecting the active sales.
  • Conquered today, lost tomorrow: right now, it's killed due to the Battlefields revamp. But if it changes in the future, it should be considered again.
  • Adding new Nations-related stuff: equipment, patriotic mounts, unique recipes, etc. Things requiring certain nationality and citizen points to get. Right now one is indifferent about nations, as they all are very much the same.

No idea if I forget something, possibly I do.
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Even if they fix the alt voting spams, it still won't fix the issue where government's decisions affect other players' gaming experience negatively — market taxes being the most devastating.

One elected fella can be fine and all good for awhile until one day, he/she goes nuts and trolls the laws and taxes. There's still an opportunity for griefing here and the game does not punish such behaviour.

Just remove the entire thing for the time being. It's broken and meaningless af.

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I always said that goverment is only for veteran players and not for newbies or toxics

Hoping that ankama makes a revamp soon,much ppl are making fun of the current system for troll and make fun of others because yes 

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Hello everyone!

We'll have to moderate the thread but please note we are aware of your feedback about the Government system.