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Hows the game today?

By Razzorb#2133 - MEMBER - February 12, 2022, 22:38:41
Hi, i played 10 years ago.

How's the community and the game? Is the game dead? i watched a video of the most recent dungeon and i must say those dmg numbers are crazy haha! and 100% krit! in my time doing 2000dmg in 1 turn was considered super strong. Are there any OP heroes? is Cra still one?

kind regards

i would love to kill excernaus, moonwolf and magmog with someone again smile would be cool
(can a lvl 230 solo those bosses? would be lit)
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First of all, all UBs have enforced level modulation now, so you will be trying to them at their level bracket (so is almost impossible to solo them, companions are not allowed also, but heroes can enter to battle), also they a have a weekly cooldown (you an kill 3 or so per week).

The 100% crit it's not a big deal now, with sublimations you can make very crazy builds... they come with  drawbacks tho, you made 50% less base dmg (important for some mechs, like invos and traps), at least with that particular sublimation (theory of the matter I believe it's called).

Classes are more or less the same, some of them are broken or OP for now, and others fall from their high throne, other were completely revamped (like the Feca, now is more an off-tank buffer rather than a main meat AoE tank like before). Some interactions between classes are OP as hell... like Xelors and Sacriers (I don't know the exact details of the mechanic of the exploit, weird mech or combo, but it's OP, cuz every dung ladder in the international server was dominated by Xelor and Sacriers).

I recommend you read the Changelogs or directly test the changes in game (if you have "premium" you can reset your char stats at will)
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I think the Xelor + Sac thing is the Xelor summoning a Cog and the Sacrier swapping places with it so its triggered several times.
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Oh snap! I didn't realize you could reset your stats at will with premium (didn't grasp that from the post in my topic). That is awesome actually.

@TP I just came back from a long hiatus as well. Not as long as yours It seems but I feel you man lol.
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