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Need 6 man team advice

By Fwanfj4#1743 - MEMBER - January 19, 2022, 16:45:03

Been trying to build a 6 man team but i just don't feel like it has a good synergy yet.
I play PvM only.
The ones i want to keep are:

Cra (lvl 200, main character)
Iop (lvl 137 DD melee single target)
Pandawa (lvl 138 Tank/Positioner)
Eniripsia (lvl 137 Healer)

The ones i tried so far
Ouginak (lvl 130 single target, i tought DPT was kinda low and not enough self sustain, is mine just weak?)
Xelor (lvl 127, don't like the fact that the big damage is only turn yes, turn no. Don't know how good he is end game)
Sadida (lvl 131, don't know if the -250 resist is very usefull on late game pvm)
Osamodas (lvl 106, didn't try very much, changed for ouginak when i read he had good self sustain)
Maskeraider(lvl 106, didn't really like the play style)
Feca (lvl 127, don't know if i need a second tank with panda in team)
Enutrof (lvl 106, besides pouch didn't do much)
Sacrier (lvl 106, also didn't see the need for a second tank)

I feel like the comp is missing some ranged damage and some AoE damage.
Any toughts, comments, tips?

Thank you.

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Hello , if you really want to keep Panda/Eni/Iop/Cra , you should add a resist debuff. Enutrof is really good for that , can also remove MP and with cra help's , can keep a lot of mobs distant.
And since you have no shield buff/ damage boost ( except eniripsa who give % FD). You add Feca , the +55% FD for Iop , shields , wakfu point regeneration for Iop ( Iop get out scaled for long fights) , tank , positionner.

You can use eniripsa fire spell who give + Aura flame on Iop , with 15 AP , you can fully stack it on Iop , an delete a whole room with aura flame + Iop wrath. 

Cra and Iop struggle to shine in low/middle level ( Cra struggle a bit more than a Iop). But both scale really well in end game.  Also for xelor , its a must have at all levels. For the side of damage turn 1/3/5 ect and no damage for turn 2/4/6 ect it depend on your play style. This gameplay is reliant on the passive who give +25% FD bonus and malus depending on turns. People use it for one turn rooms , but they change it for long fight. Xelor have a lot of % FD passives , so you dont really rely on that to be efficient. Its optional for people who want High ranks in the ladder and one turn things. 


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Regarding Xelor, you don't necessarily need to limit your damage around tick/tock. You can easily replace this blasted passive with something a little more active and constant such as:

  • Memories of the Past: Reduces your range but give you more damage and a huge buff on Elemental Mastery on your level. And this buff is almost equivalent of a second epic/relic equipment when you crunch the numbers.
  • Deja Vu: Takes some WP away but +20% damage on backstabbing (which already have a damage multiplier attached to is) make your damage very hefty especialy if you abuse Simmetry and Gear.
  • Violent Omens: Quite simple, more damage if you're mid-range.

And if you must use Tick/Tock, just use the Odd turns to burn your WPs with Distortion+Devotion and throw everything you have and on Even Turns simply use Clock and Sandglass on your target to recover pretty much almost all WP spent with the remaining AP and I guarantee the monster will still take a heavy chunk of damage from Clock and Sandglass's effects (and these spells always benefit from the buff of the Tick/Tock). Not to mention on bossfights you are bound to double Clock when your WP recovery reaches the 12th treshhold on it.
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