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I think the classes balance is very bad

By SourDu#5723 - MEMBER - January 17, 2022, 05:07:55

Hello everyone

After last year's classes adjustment, the team configuration of the game has changed greatly.I found a problem,all players have to build teams in this direction.

1.Need a Armor

Dungeons are designed to force players to carry classes that can apply armor.I know it's cool when the armor is redone.But that doesn't mean armor is a necessity.

The fact is that with armor, you can easily resist damage.Without armor, you may need 1-2 healing classes to add blood.Healing has healing resistance, but armor does not.If the shield can completely resist damage, the healing class doesn't even need to wear it.In the difficult dungeon challenge (lv21, 31, 41, 50), armor resists most of the damage.

Armor has made some classes a necessity.

2.Extreme Output 

If you often check the dungeon ranking,You will find that all highly difficult teams are based on rage system / OTK system.


The above four classes are the strongest classes that cannot be shaken.Because they provide strong enough limit output.So that you only need to choose one of them and match it with the other five auxiliary occupations to attack the difficult dungeon(LV21+).

But if you don't take these classes and choose to use an ordinary team, you may not be able to beat LV11.This is a fact, which can be proved by the underground city ranking at level (200\215\230).

At the same cost, build a team to attack the dungeon, and you will get a significant improvement with the above-mentioned classes.

Classes balance is an eternal topic in all games,What's your opinion?

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People play sram ranged?

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The extreme output part mention classes which are quite outdated right now.
Range range eliotrope is on the low damage end of the spectrum for the time being after it's revamp>
Rear Range Sram sounds like a rare build. Have never seen one.
1HP Sac - That's a thing of the past, New sac's are any thing but 1HP cling

The rouge part. well rogue is rogue. That's ok.

Can you also clarify what this Underground city rankings mean?
You might have missed upon a few revamps and adjustments in the last year.
Please do elaborate on this, The post is not clear in it's intention nor expression.

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Just has healing has heal-resist as a counter, armor has a cap of 50% of the target's max HP as a limit.

Are some classes mandatory? I believe no.
Are some classes more preferable than others? I think so, for instance panda. It is currently too powerful in terms of placement and mobility, especially considering the nerfs to other classes in this aspect. Most teams on dungeon rankings have exclusively 1 panda (sometimes even 2) in their comp.

Other than panda, i don't think there is any major difference in terms of output between the classes. You are free to play ANY class that you like, and do dungeons at S11 with ANY combination of classes provided that they have acceptable equipments and they play the right strategies.

The comp that i prefer to play is usually: 1healer, 1armorer, 1positioner, 2damage-dealer and 1 wildcard. Pick whatever classes you like in these roles, and you should be good.

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Of all the things you could've complained about you chose dpt characters? They are probably the most flexible slots in any team composition. In fact your claim that the classes you named are overrepresented on ladder is completely false as evidenced by... well the ladder itself. I just skimmed through the rankings of all 230 dungeons (top 100-200) and there was a healthy mix of xelor, sram, iop and the occasional cra, rogue or elio which definitely can't be considered overrepresented by any stretch of the imagination. Sure some classes were severely underrepresented namely foggernaut, huppermage and ouginak (I actually don't think I saw even a single fogger) so there might be room for improvement there. Aside from that, the diversity in dpt classes seems to be in a decent state (going by the ladder alone which is an imperfect metric for class balance, but that's all we have to go by).

The same can't be said about the positioner and support roles though. I'm pretty sure every single team from the ones I went through had both a panda and a feca. Around 90% of teams also had an enu and the ones that didn't, had a masq for the res shred. The feca situation shouldn't be a problem because we have the osa revamp incoming which should be directly competing with them for the support/buffer spot. As for pandas they are probably the current biggest balancing issue the game has, but I'm not sure what should be done with them, mainly because content seems to be balanced around their existence so nerfing them won't really accomplish much besides making difficult content even more difficult for no reason.

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Foggers suck on ladder because they are slow, ladders are won by people that can clear stuff fast.

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1. I disagree with the 2nd idea. Because I have found that the teams are composed by:

-Pandawa (tank positioner, 13 PA, 8 PM)
-Masqueraider (support, full armors, heals and -resistances)
-Xelor (damager, "PA" and PW)
-Feca (support, full armors, PW)
-Enutrof (damager, -resistances)

And Sram/Iop/Sacrieur or Sadida/Eniripsa

2. And yes, the classes need revamps because some of them have received owerpowered abilities.
For instance, pandawa is the Master of mobility, but it doesn't have an air branch and it can heal, tank, push, attract, change positions, transport, jump, damage and position everything every turn.
The same it is true with masqueraider, xelor, feca and enutrof. They are abusing the unbalance.

3. Ok, all team needs a 1 healer, 1 armorer, 1 positioner, 2 damage-dealer and 1 wildcard.
But people usally "prefer" specific classes for that roles:
1 healer: masqueraider or eniripsa/sadida
1 armorer: feca
1 positioner: pandawa
2 damage-dealer: xelor, sram/iop
1 wildcard: masqueraider, enutrof, etc.

From 18 classes, only 4 + 2 are usually chosen in teams of 6 players:
1 pandawa
2 feca
3 xelor
4 masqueraider
5 sram/iop/enutrof
6 sadida/eniripsa

So, something is wrong with that. What happened with the others 12 classes? When other people will accept them?

4. Heals need mastery to improve his effiency and it has a real counter (heal-resist), which affect directly your heal effiency and gets worse with each cure. Armor just have a limit, but is not a counter, it is a limit, you can give or receive the same amount of armor every turn (it only depends on your level), you don't need to invest in a masterie to give/receive it.

So, yes, armor or heals need a review.

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Well masquaraider does have Crumbly, which lowers armour gain, but that only realy matters in PvP.
The only place where you want heals over armour in PvE is against monsters with poison or other indirect damage, since that goes under armour

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Conceptually, I don't think there's any issue with each class being able to fill different roles and to different effectiveness. There's always going to be some classes that deal more damage than some others, and some that provide better sustain, since each class offers a variety of different tools.

However, if dungeons need specific classes built in a specific ways to be completed, then I'd say that's an issue with dungeon design and not class design IMO.

I would absolutely like to see Healing/Armor looked into though. Armor just seems to be a much stronger mechanic.

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Hello everyone

I know your will question the second item I mentioned.This is based on my subjective understanding.

Indeed, the team configuration is more than that.However, among the top teams on the dungeons rank,These classes I mentioned can often be seen.

1 HP SACRIER+Pandawa
This team combination is currently the strongest

Rear Range SRAM+Pandawa
Pandawa moves the monsters to the designated position, and SRAM can attack all monsters at one time.(Because of the powerful Rear bonus,IOP with equivalent equipment can never do this)

OTK Bomb ROGUE+Pandawa
You just need to place the bomb and leave the rest to the auxiliary classes. Finally, let the Pandawa throw the monster into the middle of the bomb

Pandawa  has become an indispensable classes in the team. His ability is too strong.

There are many similar examples.The disparity between classes is obvious,this cannot be denied.Equipment and teams will magnify this infinitely

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Yeah, panda is way too eficient in positioning, even if that's their main strenght.

I think it would be healthy for the game if some of their power got moved from positioning to other parts of their kit

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