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Which class you hate to play against?

By marotomau#1460 - MEMBER - December 19, 2021, 15:20:06
I don't jusdge, people always have a certain dislike from a specific class mechanic that can be annoying. Lets just admit: We all have a certain class we hate. So which class you hate to play against and why? Also, because we are human for feeling salty and hate. If you don't get salty, you are not human. Let's just be real, regardless of whatever game you play or even whatever business you have in life, you will get salty at one point.
Wondering here. And also, don't be judgemental and act according to the rules. Thank you. And of course, there are people who hate classes that i play and i just simply don't care, hence why i focus more on grinding than pvp.
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Sram, because there is no counter to invisibility
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Yup, invis Sram can be pretty nasty
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Anyone want to hare more?
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(On a 1v1 scenario)

My Top 3 are:
  • Damage Fecas: I looove to see them being offensive but it is impossible to avoid their glyphs' indirect damage because they trigger at the start of the enemy's turn (unless you are inmune) leaving you no time to get out of the danger zone or react. On top of that, they can stabilize you with Provocation and their insanely high lock to make sure you don't go anywhere and if you happen to escape they can just teleport you back with Avalanche. Their High indirect damage + High resistances + High lock + Inmunity&Shields + Teleport spells + Block makes the battle feel like a Boss Battle.
  • Masqueraiders due to their double turn and 1 hit k.o capabilities thanks to the clone
  • Rogues: It is a time battle. You either start the battle first and kill them on the first turn or you get OHKO on the 3rd turn. They force you into wasting your APs to destroy/spread their bombs while they take cover, waiting for the right moment to blow you to pieces. You can feel the preassure every turn but it is kind of fun at the same time.

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most of heroes are ok but some of their summon mechanics may bore.
Sadida's dolls may bore every turn while you re setting up Sadida's dolls to each targets.
Rogue bombs may annoy and take your time turn away when  you re repositioning them
Xelor dial may annoy if it blocks your friend's hero sights or boss mechanics like moon's crocodile may not let you to spot on current hour etc
eniripsa may bore cause priority is healing.
People can prefer  cra,masq,sram,sacrier these are simple to play.,
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The class I dislike to fight the most in 1v1 level 200 PVP is Sacrier. 
Playstyle and skill can only do so much to bridge the differences in the balancing/role strength between each class.
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Haha yeah that tracks, sacriers were NOT balanced around 1v1
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My guild had a small pvp tournament last week. Level 80, emblems only. Finals lasted 2 nights because it came down to two sadidas using dolls. The other 4 powerful characters killed each other and so the weak supports were left to struggle. It went on for more than an hour, the turn meter broke, and my OBS stopped recording. One of the sadidas gave up because it was 1am and he needed to go to bed, but it was best two of three so we did the final, final round the next day.

So yeah, Sadidas.
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Cra. I think they're op. The gears are so crazy high for them in the market. 
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