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On mechanisms:

By Arachive#9273 - MEMBER - December 07, 2021, 02:10:35

As there is no general class thread, only specific class threads, I am forced to put this here.

You will find throughout the forums 3 classes complaining about their mechanisms, while others don't, in one particular aspect: mechanism cap retreival and mechanism positioning. The three classes are Ecaflips, Xelors, and for the longest time with no one addressing it, Foggernauts. 

We can actually see the mechanism issue being solved for the newer classes, Feca and Eliotrope. Somehow, Foggernauts got ignored.

Classes affected by this problem

Cap Retrieval Reimbursement
Ecaflip – Cat Tree Capped by control in competition with Bowmeows, @1 only regardless for cat tree None. Push are 1/3 cells. Pulls are 2 cells None
Xelor – Cogs, Sinsitroes Capped at 1, at 2 with a passive. AP intensive to summon. 2AP Gear. Moves you OFF hour cells. None for Cog. At 3 cells you are unable to gain the 1AP from Sinistroes dying from Specialised Mechanism
Foggernaut - Turrets Capped by control. AP intensive to summon. None. Push is a cell. Pull is 2 cell. Both are AP intensive. None

Classes where this problem is solved
Cap Retrieval Reimbursement
Feca Capped by WP amount Expires after 1 turn. Before their revamp glyphs may often be present in useless places for the remaining turns None
Eliotropes Capped at 4 Ardent Aegis. Pulsation moves by 4 and only costs 2AP. New Spacetime passive lets them expire normally, and various spells destroy them In Exalted mode, you regain WP when portals expire

Classes where this is not a problem
Huppermage, Osamodas, Cra, Panda, Rogue Retrieval either has low costs, gives reimbursements, or has huge range
Enutrof, Eniripsa, Ouginak, Masqueraider Summons can walk themselves and thus AP is not wasted on repositioning them.
Sram, Iop Mechanisms are tactically placed in melee, where they will trigger and expire (Sram) or the enemy is kept in place (locking by Iop)

Turrets have a particularly big issue where Line of Sight is needed to trigger, rendering their 8 cell range attacks  pretty useless when allies, other mechanisms and various summons block them while engaging enemies in combat, since its linear (not even diagonals!).

Removing Cogs is a waste of resource especially since the need to remove them is only because they have no enemies around them in a 4-7 cell radius, outside the reach of Mechanism Destruction of boss Archetype, while in rooms it's just not worth it.

Removing or repositioning Cat Tree is also a rewardless endeavour. I'd even go further to say its +2 range buff while perched is pointless when you'd rather have the 15% damage or heal buff by being OFF it and only losing 1 range in the process (since by getting off you're 1 cell closer to your target already), Ecaflip being designed towards melee, and Hunter not teleporting you while you're perched.

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I agree that ecaflip doesn't have a lot of great ranged options, even d6 with is a ranged spell gives flaming which is wasted if you aren't in melee.

I don't understand why you are mentioning summons on a thread about mechanisms though?
But yeah, cogs and turrets are a pain to position, I agree.

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Ctrl skill is really in need of rework

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The devs said they are working on it, like 6 months ago.
Personally I expect it to come out with the osa rework

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