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merge of servers ... 1 year after

By tripanya#3868 - MEMBER - December 05, 2021, 01:41:27

hi all hope you good and healthy ^^

is very simple ... whats your point of view after 1 year of the merge of server ?

what is good ?
what is wrong ?
any constructive ideas?
how to fix it?


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Mostly alright, although, dónde está la biblioteca??

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what is good ? - more people
what is wrong ? - when i go to the server i see this flag

which prepares me to speak English. on Remington everyone spoke English, now it is a full server for the Spanish language. just look at the search and sale chat. 
any constructive ideas? - to introduce specialization of chats for languages that will be visible only to those who have chosen this language like in dofus game. in the trade chat and in the search chat, set the rule to speak the same language.
the fact is that if the French community was mixed with SP and they would see what is happening in our chat, then I’m sure they would also ask for a chat specialization. common, such a system has already been successfully used in Dofus...
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What's good
  • The channels have been more active
  • I've seen an increase in the items available at the Market
  • It became easier to gear a character

What's wrong

From the perspective of an ex-Elbor player, it didn't change too much as I expected. The channels are mostly in Spanish 99% of the time, it is still hard to find players for specific Dungeons aaand... yeah, Rubilax is pretty much an Elbor 2.0. Unless you join a community-specific guild, you might have a hard time playing the game if you don't know the language. Personally, it really suprised me to see Spanish becoming the predominant language in the Server instead of English (considering that it is an universal language).

Any constructive ideas

Some have already been said before multiple times. I think the game needs separated channels for Spanish, French and English. It surely is frustrating for an English or French player when they see their message being lost in a sea of Spanish words, and at the same time words that you can't understand don't mean anything in the end. So, why not separate the channels?

Along with that, adding Preset Phrases for battles which get traslated automatically depending on which language you are playing Wakfu on would be great. Like, pressing 1 on the numpad to say "I'm finishing off this monster!" and the other player sees "Acabaré con este enemigo". QoL things to make sure everyone can understand each other without the need of actually learning the other language to communicate. It would be a HUGE plus the day Devs decide to rework the Party Finder too (considering that you might be teamming up with random people).
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I still sometimes see racist players but not as much as I have when the server just merged, thankfully

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When you say racist players, do you mean for example a Cra (human) being mean to a Sadida (plant like being hybrid) because they take 10 minutes to kill something? Or maybe someone hating on panda since the class refers to Chinese kungfu? Now I do see people who get angry at people who don't speak English but that isn't racist so I'm curious what you see. 

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tbh there is no differences between before and after merge, it just made some players happy because their multi accounts collected into same server.About english, tbh most of people in world know english than spanish but weird thing is i see more spanish in chat than english. About me, i like  Wakfu and characters but sometimes i feel i did wrong by choosing wakfu if i have got a chance i wud  switch it to waven system about world because 3 hero limit system doesnt let me beat any dungeons in stasis and i know everyone abondned game because of this limits. sorry but Ankama should think about it.

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i started playing after the merge....i like that i can see pll all the time and talk to them...but its hard when most pll speak spanish

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my point of view:

is just not acceptable at this point the negligency of Ankama with the help they must gave the whole merge transition to help players integrate and moderate . is true theres some moderation work done but seems not helping or working for the big issues , what big issues : 

what is wrong :
+Remmington ex- server in a majority are not even playing the game now 
+Elbor ex-server community keep sneaking around with slang to keep selling "melones" aka kamas in game 
+Remmington ex-server didnt got any kamas moderator but have to see how this new economy dont work at all
+ At this point is absolutly not worth playing the game , making kmaas kamas the fair way turned to a real job now (must  work for it as a real job in real life)
+The ammount of op players aka grinders  is more high than the new players buying items  , making the players fight prices , without the balance ,that normally ,some monopoly sellers used to balance market (remmington ex-server never had a economy crash like what happened on this year merge)
+ Remmington ex-server was made but lot of countries communities , how come Anakama did not saw further the impact of the merge ? it was intended this rubilax server become new spanish server ?
+ Nasty language from latin people in general.
+ The feeling of playing a role game is lost at this point 
+New 230 lvl cap was bitten in just 24 hours after the patch ... sad.

what is good:
+ more activity ? well this is a subjective statement , is need talk about separate ex-server point of view :
activity for elbor ex-server  yes 
activity for remmington ex-server  no
activity for nox ex-server no
activity fro efrim ex-server yes 
so i guess this merge just helped the latin players 

+ was good the first 6 months of the merge to be fair with Ankama , but the hurted ego form some ex-elbor players harassing op players from Remmington and Nox  ex-servers with their bad language and threats made lot of people stop playing 

constructive ideas or how to fix it :

i guess is the time that Ankama start being responsible of this merge interaction and integration  , otherwise is so obvious they letting the game die , how ? well is hard to say the problems seem bigger and bigger in time .

+maybe separate language channel is need at this point 
+some investigations on how new economy is working ... i know by now that elbor players have guild-alliances and they manage all with discord  also a blacklist for people to not play with or buy or sell , i even heard they promoting not selling on nation markets.
+Ankama please play the game to understand the issues .
+refunding every single player of Remminton may help them get back 

conclusion :

make yourself this question? why Ankama decide to give other servers a kama modifier  and not for remmington ? is simple remmington had the very best economy on all those servers .
So.... how come if Ankama knew remmington had a good economy now that most of the remmington ex-server people are not playing ...they do nothing?

Sorry to sound negative but i guess is Ankama that must be constructive at this point  , the issues are profound  and no new content will fix this .

now is not worth playing using maths : time spend x reward = not worth . good day 

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many of my friends from Remington don't play because they don't understand Spanish.
they learned English even if it is not their native language, but I think Ankama's main mistake when merging big different community languages ​​is to ignore this fact that they merge big different language communities that at least need different chats.
the French Pandora server has no problem because there is one language. but here people are forced to stumble with closed linguistic communities that cannot agree to use one language when talking to strangers.
and it's great that you paid attention to economics. It is now in a terrible state. the first month after merge there was a "kama boom", because players from other servers had their kama increased and they were able to provide many players from Remington with a fresh much money. but then, somewhere in the middle of summer, demand slowed down and prices began to fall, and the decrease in battlefields to 2 times a week exacerbated the situation. Now the market is very difficult for new players, and for those who were able to accumulate kama only in the black, because they can buy things cheaper. and do not forget that still the big problem with abusing ladder dungeon. It has not been solved yet. where one person takes 70% of all chests and gets a lot of kama from holding or selling epic/relic runes. Rubilax server needs additional influence, unless of course they want a situation where the population will decrease so much that Pandora will become the most densely populated server.
adding language chats will certainly improve the situation, but Rubilax economy has become terrible. I don't know what can resurrect a dead economy. But at least the problem abusing dungeon ladder needs to be solved.
Rubilax and Pandora cannot be served according to the same model, when the international server is not regulated in any way, which ultimately led to a decrease in the population among the English-speaking players.
on the Spanish forum, did not even update the section of classes (it indicates that there are 16 instead of 18).

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

why if they have united big language communities, but they have not united the forum? so we have 2 servers, but 4 different forums that cannot agree to use one language when communicating with a stranger.
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Well i have waiting for a post like this XD i have played wakfu for long time but what's the problem? with the merge my friends left because they are tired of being attacked by the Elborians and such i have tried to befriend some and meet them but i ended betrayed,harassed and etc and when i try find english players to speak i got spanish stuff like we dont speak shooting school or they insult me for no reason

A very important point here is that no one talks about the goverment situation
every nation is taken by the same person and guilds which makes this very bad because when others want to get the place they get negative votes in mass for make them lost their place.
In Bonta for sample is taking by the Liliths Lies guild for months and no one could took the place besides the players on that guild

as a former governor in Remigton it really makes me sad to see that my nation is taken by ego players that doesnt care to help players or to the nation itself and i wish i could do something but if i try i can get harassed in my social media or stuff like that so i hope that this can be fixed soon
Whats Good?
i meet new friends that i really enjoy play with them, variety in the market

What's Wrong
the spanish players(not everyone),their ego,the constant harassement and bullying from them,the guild mafias,lack of control in those players,the current ogrine price,the new bf system 

How to fix this?
or they start to control them or they can make a new elbor server 

i hope i am not the only who thinks like this
Greetings and hugs!

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Overall, positive. Sux to not be able to mine gemstones at any time of the day as there is always someone camping there, but thats the point.

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thank to all that answer this  and hope more people that are not playing the game can give their opinion on this topic.

i guess for me saying is good is really mediochre answer  when you play on a stable (economics) server as remmington was and i feel each ex-remmington  player because the game  in rubilax server is something we are not used to .

Rubilax is a new elbor 2.0 version thats a fact , until Ankama do something that i doubt they will do .

adapt or skip the game seems our new forced path , pitty .

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I think the main problem is the language barrier, like, I know Rubilax is an international server, but there's Spanish words flooding the chat.
As I've mentioned months ago, they could add language channels, because it's hard to find someone who can speak your language.
And as some other people have mentioned, DOFUS has those channels, and nothing bad happened to the game, so why Ankama doesn't listen to us and does something about it?

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Unfortunately the merge has not been beneficial
The priority initially was Phaeris, Nox and Remington to merge
These communities primarily spoke English so there was little issue for this
But for some reason Elbor was added to this.
I don't know if Elbor was just bigger than the others or what
But they are by far the most vocal
Chats are FLOODED with Spanish speaking players and it incredibly difficult to find anyone who speaks English, if you sell valuable things on the market, then your private messages will also be flooded with Spanish speaking players trying to haggle with you.

Not only has this made quite a few EN speaking players just leave, it also drives away new players, of course this only effects EN, Spanish players are probably completely fine with this.

But the biggest problem is moderation, to my knowledge there is not a single Spanish speaking moderator, and if there is, they aren't on often enough to make a difference.
There are Spanish players selling kama's in the open using slang to bypass any word association bot Ankama might have (if they have it)
Spanish players can also be racist openly with slang and do so commonly, insults and swears are simply not blocked by filters and this allows even the most toxic players to get a free pass.
English players that respond to the hateful words, perhaps with their own choice comments, are very quickly banned, whilst the Spanish players are untouched.

Remington was never one to be without foreign speaking players of course, we had Spanish communities, Chinese communities, French, Italian, Russian, and whilst these communities often kept to themself, it was never a problem because all of these communities could speak English aswell!
The Spanish or French players that could not speak English often played on a different server because they had that option.

Now however, the Spanish speaking population that doesn't speak English or simply chooses not to, is so overwhelming, I would dare say Rubilax is no longer English speaking, no one would be able to tell either way.


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hey Sus  ty for give us your feedback , is very important op players start supporting this claims so maybe in future Ankama can fix the problem or who knows maybe with much luck separate international/english community from spanish/latin community ... 

it was probably very hard to knew all this before the merge buy on my point of view is a total mess


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I don't really know how things were before the merge, but I have definitely been experiencing the same problems that others have mentioned. It's like there is no reason for English speaking players to play on Rubilax over Pandora. Heck, we might even face less racism there!

I can't see any new English-speaking players being willing to stick around in the current state of the game. So unless Ankama does something, this game pretty much might as well not support English players/platforms. 

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    Ever since I came back to playing (after the serve merge), I've experienced linguistic intolerance, linguistic discrimination, prejudice with regards to trade, and also generally derogatory remarks hidden under sarcasm or jokes - inside the game, from both english and spanish speaking people.
    But since I know we are just random people playing a game, that there's more good people than jerks in the world, and also that those occurences are uncommon: I consider them as banter (brazillian culture also has this "You Rage, You Lose" aspect, so it's kind of hard to make me lose). Though I did the mistake of comtemplating once:
-Maybe those rare human specimen are just trying to bait for reactions, perhaps?
    And because of that, nowadays, when I see the occasional potentially offensive speech, I just groan from either the lack of creativity or because they are trying too hard (mis hermanos, existe una fina línea entre no hacer algún esfuerzo, y hacer un esfuerzo tan grande que las intenciones ofensiva se hacen evidente).
    Additionally, I even gotta give credit to Wakfu, because you see, I don't really know how to speak spanish (I just let myself be hard-carried by the general similarities between it and brazillan portuguese), but thanks to Wakfu, I now know many mean spanish figures of speech and slurs.
    Other than that, I've to say that my experiences supposedly directly derived from the serve merge were generally pleasant. I play casually, so lower market prices and the ease of finding people for daily dungeon quests were my favorite consequences.

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spanish players, spanish speaking players everywhere
they come in gangs, they are so toxic, especially in pvp
They bully and aggro any new player that is either outlaw or with pact on, they simply dont care, if it was just the pvp then i wouldnt blink at it, but they dont just pvp and leave, they constantly harass individual players, during every fight they insult the target over and over.
It is the only english they will ever speak, "cry" "die" "kid", etc
they come in a full package and there is very little variation.

Not to mention the death threats and harassment until you block them in private messages, and its all in spanish slang too so no matter how many times you report them, the non-spanish speaking CM wont ever ban them because they dont understand the words, or if they do get banned, they get unbanned because they say "nono thats not what it means i was joking" and ive SEEN this happen! they brag about it in their discords with screenshots making fun of CM's that believe them.

The merge with Elbor was unnecessary and has negatively impacted my experience with the game

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(Ex-elbor player here) I remember one day I had a friend that didn't speak Spanish and wanted to play Wakfu with him, so we made a Remintong character, and I was amazed by the cultural differences, for instances everyone was... cold, very cold, like almost no social interaction just people minding their own bussiness, but at the same time, they took the game more seriously, idk, tbh I liked the elbor experience more, you had your toxic players but also your dose of kind wholesome and helpful ones, tho I suppose you can't see those due to the language barrier

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I Don't know why Elbor was merged too tho.
I won't enter the discussion about it being toxic or not , I've seen insults from all sides , BR,Eng,FR,ES.

What It is true is that the market is totally dead. Kama farming has became a job since everyone tries selling them for real money . It is almost impossible to sell anything on the market withouth it being overlapped with other 10+ Items.

The new zone has just arrived and the prices are almost as low as the 215 branch that was released one year ago.

If I Could state 2 necessary things they would be:

Economy rework(Which Applies to ladders-farming subs and shards)

Different Langs. Chat

I've seen that they are trying to make a mono-acc server. It won't work. Separating the already lower playerbase into more servers is one of the worst ideas ever , not to mention that the game difficulty is not mono-acc friendly. 

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i guess would be nice ankama  make some questions ,as a poll just for ex-remmington server  members ,to avoid the elbor sabotage on that poll and try help on this relevant problems that ex-remmington server playerbase are passing thru.

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im gonna talk about the goverment too which i dont know why they dont talk about this too...

i really wanted that the goverment can have a revamp soon... we have the same governor for months and months and no one is doing something

i have heard by guildies that if someone (besides the same 3 crazy clowns from every nation) wants take the goverment and wons have the chance to get harassed and defamated in guilds and social media because yes
i know someone that was the governor of Sufokia and then they voted him with a spam of negatives just for get rid of his place... seriously? what's wrong with those guys? 

even i have heard that some players invents rumors about x player just because it have X rank in pvp or X rank in goverment or in dungeon ladder for ruin his game

we really need a change we must stop this unnecessary violence 

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tripanya#3868|2021-12-29 03:04:23
i guess would be nice ankama  make some questions ,as a poll just for ex-remmington server  members ,to avoid the elbor sabotage on that poll and try help on this relevant problems that ex-remmington server playerbase are passing thru.

hi ! would be really nice idea but i doubt ankama will do that  after all now is more simple to implement difefrent chat languages (at least english , spanish, french, russian, chinese and portuguese) and would be awesome that ankama make some efforts to bring back some kind of complete enciclopedia on game based and counting how many items are in game use it as a new meassure to set fair prices  based on demand/offer/rarity.

happy new year to all and specially to the whole wakfu team that keep making this game possible .hope you the best guys.
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