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Carnivore set : Mythical Carnivore Amulet part of it ?

By Biiditchoun#8148 - MEMBER - November 25, 2021, 23:23:26

I was wondering: on the encyclopedia, we can find this amulet, not indicated as being part of any set. However, when selecting the rare version, it's part of the set. Does someone know how it works in-game, equipping the mythical version still works ? If not, is it intended ?

EDIT : Also, I don't think this set (and item) should still be online, as it's unobtainable now.

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equipping the mythical version doesn't work. It might be intended, because there are other sets that uses lower rarity as well, like the kapow set. Whether the intention is good or not remains to be seen, but set bonuses haven't been touched in a long time as an idea

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Ai see, thanks for the answer !

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