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Newbie needs help picking a main!

By Schmuccubus#2986 - MEMBER - November 23, 2021, 22:51:13

Hello! I'm a long-time fan of the wakfu world (mostly a fan artist though!) and wanna try to get back into the game. I haven't touched wakfu in years though so I feel completely lost.

I have 3 characters at ~level 90 - a huppermage, an ecaflip and an ouginak. I know they might not be the strongest/easiest classes, but I'm too attached to them now!

1) Which of those 3 would you recommend most to main? I'm a casual PVE/M player who mostly wants to explore the world solo or with friend groups every once in a while.
2) Do you happen to have any build recommendations/tips? Especially for playing them as a 3-character team? I found the forums for each class a bit outdated and confusing. 

Thank you!! huh

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If you build ouginak as the tank, hupermage as the damage dealer and ecaflip as the support, I think it could definitely work

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oh thank you! this is exactly the sort of info I was hoping for :>

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