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Character slots

By lulachh2#9834 - MEMBER - November 20, 2021, 20:28:13

Is there a way to earn character slots? Like any missions or accomplishments that give you a couple? I want to try a new team composition but I'm currently sitting at 10/5 character slots after the server merge. I know that you can buy them for 3500 ogrines a piece, and I wouldn't mind buying some slots. But because of the 10 of 5 I would have to buy 5 slots before I can even get a single actual new slot feels pretty bad.

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Nope, cash is the only way.

But you could just make a second account tho if you really wanna try some more classes.

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i also suggest useing the beta server as a tr=esting grounmd before you buy if you wanna keep everything to one acount

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