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Is there another planet for life in the star system of the the World of Twelve?

By 9Nectum9#1864 - MEMBER - October 13, 2021, 17:24:10

It seems to me, but this other planet has atmosphere and water. It doesn't look like the moon because of the rotation orbit...

Was there any information about this in the Dofus / Wakfu manga? 
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judging by its rotation, this planet is always hiding behind the sun and the world of twelve will never see it pensive

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Let's hope it holds some high level area for hoarding more stuff. biggrin

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230 level fear

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From looking a bit on places

It is just the World of 12, and it's moon. From what the images are showing (may be).
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Why would the moon be on he other side of the sun tho?
That makes it a planet not a satelite

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iNTiMiD4T0R#9728|2021-10-14 14:17:42
The second image, which was not showing up. It does looks like a moon.
Than a planet. The krozmos old reference also is just calls them both the world of 12. ( I guess)

The emote situation is different though.
As it is indeed shown as a planet orbiting around the sun,
Making this image from the past kinda questionable.
May be is is the moon which wandered away and end up orbiting the sun instead. 
Or a rogue planet which ended up due to the gravitational pull. Or also could be just some other celestial body. There are things other than planets which are orbiting around the sun as well. 

it is not moon
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Not disagreeing. All the new signs points to it being another planet regardless. Even the old image can be treated as then being aligned in such a way during orbits. It's nice anyway. 

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