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Searching name of a special "flying" Mount/Harness

By N3tRunn3r#9401 - MEMBER - September 26, 2021, 11:39:02

Greetings there,

I search for a special mount in WAKFU. Just seen it on Kelba where a player was using it. It was too quick to take a screenshot and/or to contact that player.

This mount was flying (!), looking like a huge Garghoul in a brown color, and it was pretty tall as well.

Does anyone know what its name is, if it is a harness or a mount itself, and how to obtain it?

Best Regards,

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The small dragons can fly around. It's Likely one of these two, I believe.
You can buy them from the shop. If it's not listed on the shop link.
Then you are out of luck till it's back there.

All the buyable mounts skins are listed here :
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Thank you for your time, but this one isn't that one I had seen. I am sorry.

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this one? its from "Bounty Hunter Pack" which currently is unobtainable now.

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Aww, thanks a lot.
Yeah, it is exactly this one I had seen.

If it will be obtainable (soon) again, and maybe under various different and cool colors as well (*cough*cough* black and violet/red *coughhhh*), I might finally switch from my cute Dragosteed and its Black Crow Harness after so many years...
biggrin, it is from the Bounty Hunter Pack. How could I missed or even forgotten that... Even on Steam. Thanks for sharing this information. Now I can research.

CYA around & Best Regards,


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