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Plant Regeration Speed

By Downhome#7515 - MEMBER - September 24, 2021, 19:48:30

Granted it seems that newer players aren't aware of the ecological aspects of the game, Today I went to Wild Estate an found only four ferns. I spent a couple of minutes harvesting seed so I could plant the seeds. Then I waited nearly ten minutes more for the new plants to regenerate so that I could plant more. Is there any plan to speed up how quickly crops restock? Some days it seems all I do is replant crops so that other players can get what they need.

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Its not a fix but, if you really care about the environment you can just stock up on seeds of every plant in the game. If you have thousands of seeds ready, you won't have to waste your whole day planting.

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I do on quite a lot, still...

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I think it depends on the weather?

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Not anymore, from here:

The temperature no longer affects the growth rate of resources. Previously, this could slow down growth by up to 30 minutes, and could even prevent growth entirely until the weather changed.

Instead, the temperature now increases the action rate on these resources, which is less restrictive.

Rainfall has been revised based on three rainfall types: no rain, light rain and heavy rain (with or without thunder!).

All resources have a preferred type of rain, with a few exceptions. When they are not receiving this type of rain, the crop success rate is lower.

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I got the same problem back then with the trees at Wabbit Island, only one tree was standing, luckily hidden by a wall.

The safest way to get seeds and cuttings is using your own haven bag garden plots, and cultivating in-mass there. The time it takes is quite a lot, so it's always better having a good reserve in advance. And be sure you'll need them very very very often.

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