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Please use the 1.73 class balance format as a model going forward (2 classes get major tweaks, many classes get minor tweaks)

By Aqualad#2072 - MEMBER - September 22, 2021, 20:28:56

I'm not talking about the content of the patch notes. I'm talking about the format.

Normally, we'd wait 4-6 months for 1 class to get gutted from top to bottom. Instead, we saw 2 classes get a major overhaul, and almost every other class get minor adjustments.

For instance: Rogue wasn't slotted to get a major revamp, but they shouldn't have to wait until it's their "turn" before bombs were moved to the 3rd bar. They didn't have to wait, and that's great.

The devs have shown that they can focus (elio and sac) while also devoting time and resources to the bigger picture (eca, panda, cra, xelor, iop, sram, masq, fogger, sadida, ougi, feca). Only 4 classes weren't touched this time (eni, enu, hupper, osa).

In my opinion, this is a much healthier and more sustainable model for streamlining class balance over time. Sure, focus on 1 or 2 classes, but keep tweaking the other classes as well.

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"I'm not talking about the content of the patch notes. I'm talking about the format."

Unfortunately, you can't just ignore the content and only look at the format.
Outcome > output.
There are changes in certain classes that are quite detrimental to current players' builds, no matter how small or big the changes are.


"The devs have shown that they can focus (elio and sac) while also devoting time and resources to the bigger picture (eca, panda, cra, xelor, iop..."

Totally disagree with this from head to toe. As a veteran player, I despise half-finished rebalancing that will affect my fully-geared builds.
So, no thanks. I rather the devs don't do anything at all until they know what to do and revamp at one go. Or, they can start working on it slowly but not apply it on the live server until it's completely finished.
That being said, even the constant rework is questionable. I've mentioned this before in another thread. I never played a MMO where there's so much rework like this, it's just insane at this point. 

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I'm sure players perspectives are different but coming from a non-veteran player prospective, I agree with you Aqualad.happy
          I find it a nice surprise and great change of pace for younger players to have class updates for the major classes and small tweaks for the others. I know the higher level players 185+ worry about gear and stats so they may dislike it and I understand.fear
        Although I feel that for most of us  around the beginning to mid-game level, it can be a breath of fresh air. Whether it's enjoying or finding use for the new passives or griping at your guild mates for changing your perfect class. All in all it brings us together for one reason or another. Anyway just my take on it.
 P.S. I'm glad Ecaflip got a third bar as well. Thanks Ankama Teamcool

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I think we can all agree the Third Bar is becoming the Saving Grace of every single class revamp xD "Oh I hate what they did to elio.... but having portal and exalted on third bar is great!"
"oh no they ruined Xelor... hey the Dial is in the third bar, neat!"
And so on, but I also agree with Aqualad that its nice to see minor works on classes multiple times a patch. While Enu and Hupper are probably far away from any revamping table since they ALREADY had their major revamps with satisfying results (although Hupper could get one spell or two in the third bar like Principio Valere or Wisp and I think they should've never removed the interaction between Moonbeam and Wisp) Osa is already the last in the big revamp list we had, and perhaps someday Eni will get SOMETHING new. Suggestions on this forum are not scarce.

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And sadida obviously, when they rework the control stat

But we still need the new passives on the rest of the classes.

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