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New Player Review of Wakfu (Please respond, I don't understand!!)

By robert144144#2296 - MEMBER - September 13, 2021, 09:36:22

At what point would it be good to say I've "Completed" Wakfu enough for like a review? Like what is the last major core gameplay shift of sorts?

So here's my review of sorts, these are just my assumptions about what the game is:

My Intro to Wakfu
I got into this game from Krosmaga (which to be honest is the best card game I've played-- was recommended to check it out by a friend from Hearthstone). I never really played an MMO before so entering this seeing 'player driven MMO' I was imagining Minecraft as it also had the blocky style. I was imagining myself building dungeons, modifying code, and creating creatures but on a larger scale! I am quite the dense individual that does not like to think ahead though. I first tried Iop as the friend from Krosmaga told me that would be a perfect fit, but I found the class too difficult with all the thinking ahead involved with its Combos. I also never heard back from that friend in a while. I think he left me.

I then selected Osamodas because I saw the Osamosa trailer and thought that Osamodas was a new class--and was impressed with the animation of the little purple girl (a bit misleading as there wasn't any animation like that in the game?). Then Googled "Good names for Osamodas", finding a list I went down one-by-one: Kabrok, Krobak, Mishell, Mimi, Coqueline, etc. Eventually swapped the 'L' with a capital 'i' but yeah that didn't work. (This was probably on me, but still funny how there are 18 classes to choose from and only a tiny description of each along with no clue what they actually play like until level 110 or so.)

Early Impressions
From my experience level 5-80 was more about exploration and solo content (to the point where a lot was restricted to 1 player only), also not going to lie, the story was not the best with Jenny, Janes, and Miouse along with literal dialogue such as 'Pokemob Master'. In comparison to stuff like Wild Estate, and in the future Saharash, and Srambad (which had phenomenal music and world-building.) I was also overwhelmed by the amount of spells I had to choose from along with all the strange systems such as Elements and Masteries and Characteristics. To be honest I didn't really level my Characteristics until level 80 or so when told to by my Guildmates as I kept forgetting. Oh also, I picked Osa, surprisingly it was the perfect class for me! No thinking ahead at all, just blow everything up with your Wild Gobball -- seriously I don't know if that was balanced or not but was hilarious seeing it just oneshot hordes of monsters as I leveled fast.

Mid Game
Rikiki Wand -- aka "Go Join a Guild" Quest
So the little purple girl on some beach tells me to get some stick. I had no clue what I was in for.
It did confuse me how much emphasis there was on SinglePlayer for an MMO... and then the Rikiki Wand, basically a quest that says 'go join a Guild'. So I found out, most were Spanish... and me being that person who speaks only French and English (both poorly mind you), I was getting worried about this Quest.

Level 80-110
So, my Wild Gobball wasn't cutting it anymore as I learned Summons do not scale. Eventually, through begging at the Sufokia Market and inside Guild Chat, I achieved more levels. And a Guildmate told me about Hunter Guild Quests, which helped a lot with progression. I swear if they did not tell me about that I would have left out of confusion, but throughout this entire process I just had one question, "What am I supposed to be doing?". The goal was clearly not level 215. When do I make the terrain and Dungeons and Monsters and junk? So I stepped into someone's Haven World in amazement at what you could do and asked how can I do this? They responded "Kamas", and then the begging began again. I left the Guild feeling ashamed, but also because I wanted a larger one to bum off of as I learned my mission in life, not levels, but Kamas. They told me I picked the wrong class and Enu would have fit me better. (I assume Enu was the 'Dog Hunter' which was also a summoner as Enu sounds like a typo for Inu which is Japanese for 'Dog')

Late Game (Or so I thought)
Wabbit Island
I was seriously going to quit if "Wabbit Island" was just a Looney Tunes reference. I was thankful of Lenalds... but no so much at the still lacking creativity of whatever player made these monsters. Lenald being literally "Renard" (French for fox as since most of you speak Spanish I doubt you know any French! Wanted to see if anyone figured out the pun, but I guess it was just me!)

So then, I decide, it is time to kill a Lenald. I walked through the fields to find the weakest looking one, 'oh Old Lenald, perfect'. I had to concede the fight immediately as it was impossible to damage. I click the tooltip "Immune to all damage except from the front"... and my character has no method I know of to damage creature from the front. I'm laughing nonstop for a good 5 minutes. I was excited if that was the type of junk people are making. Terrible game design though, amazing troll potential for community interactions! I want to meet the person who put Old Lenald there and troll them back by having them fight a creature of my own!

Bosses? Dungeons? What are Those?
I was excited to make Dungeons but never actually noticed what they were. I was imagining some Minecraft Dungeon filled with traps to dodge in real time similar to the first room of the "Grambo Temple" where you get the Traverse Compass.

So a couple Guildmates as me to tag along for 'Daily Dungeons', I reassure them that I would be complete deadweight with my Bum Set, and with my difficulty clicking the proper cell in combat (I had like a 1 in 5 chance to just miss, but they would not tolerate it apparently, I tried to explain this is like my first time in some type of whatever genre this game was... I'm Plat 2 in League playing Frontline Zoe Top, but can't click cells...QQ)
(Not going to lie, I was about to quit at Wabbit Island but Guildmates gave enough gear and help to make the grinding bearable, and at that point the expectations set of the game were low with the literal 'Pokemon' references, I guess that is to be expected from a 'Player Driven' game.)

So we arrive at our first boss: (well my first boss)
Black Wabbit Emiw
Being the Osamodas, I have the highest Initiative and run straight at the boss to punch it in the face with my Punch Spell, because I saw it said "Invulnerable" on the tooltip when Right Clicking it. Zero Damage. Not sure if it was my punch spell being too weak, or the boss actually being Invulnerable. My group flames me a tiny bit for not summoning Chafer.
I ask, "What's a Chafer?".
They ask, "What summons do you have?".
I respond, "I have not been summoning anything since my Wild Gobball became useless, now I just do Bwork Whip Whip."
They respond, "That's not the only thing that's useless here."

So I'm being carried, and feeling only moderately guilty. Suddenly, the boss is no longer Invulnerable.
"Why did that happen?", I ask.
"You just have to know to stand on the Edge Glyphs then go near it in close combat, I assume that's why you ran up to him and hit him?"
"Uh, where did you get that information?" I ask.
So I spent about 40 minutes trying to figure out where it says how to remove "Black Wabbit Emiw's" Invulnerability. I began to laugh again at the fact that this boss was completely Invulnerable until a condition was met and that condition was not described on the right click tooltip or anywhere near the combat. So the tourism continued! Lenald, White Wabbit, and Gillamush; except our team wiped on Gillamush. Bosses having invulnerability or instant KO without any indicator (only indicator being Gillamush's Slime Trail, which probably was a moderator stepping in) even when you right click them so you have to ask some Guildmate felt like prime evidence of players trolling each other. One Guild creates the Gillamush and keeps the 'secret' while the other Guild tries to break in. 

I feel like a Tourist, just like in Minecraft, when I walked around to see all the player builds. Some day I will leave my own Island behind. I think I'll call it Sado Island, with a capital city named Maso, and maybe a train station named Cisto.

End Game (or so I thought)
Arch Monster Hunting
So after my request to join a larger guild to bum off of finally bit, I was so excited that day they mistook me for someone else's toon. What's a toon? I didn't know either at that time. That Toon was gonna go Arch Hunting that day.

Community was rude and toxic. The root of toxicity is a lack of transparency which certainly felt lacking!

So I got roped in and got to see my friend die to Wipley as another player insulted him then laughed as he killed Wipley and got some drop called Zinit Amulet. I also couldn't figure out what Lock Fight or Concede did so I attacked Stalagmonarch without Locking and could not tell that it was random people who joined my fight. (Isn't the opposite of "Lock" called "Dodge"? I told the dude I only had "20 Points in Lock" and that those enemy players must have had higher Dodge.) I then pressed the Dodge button (the little flag) thinking it would let me Escape the fight and reset it, but it killed me. I lost a friend that day. Or from my perspective I did, so I ran away from that Guild as fast as possible. I did get this cool "Flamulet", and this other cool "Wekyn Bekyn Sword". Two Arches, Two Drops! I see why now this is profitable!

There was a weird Minesweeper Game in Amakna Mines; was funny died 18 times on that. Felt off topic, but fun. I was laughing at this Minesweeper because it summed up what I felt with 126-155, you just trial-and-error dying on repeat to figure out the rules (not of Minesweeper, but of what the controls are to interact with it such as using Single Target Spells on the mines, etc... along with the complete RNG which actually gets expanded on later in the game where a random event just causes dungeon parties to wipe [happened in Koko, Badgerox, and Blightopard...]) I would like to see more of this trial-and-error if this is the direction things are headed, bosses that require 100+ deaths so that people eventually come together as a community and have to share the information to take down whatever Guild put it there.

What, there's an Animated Series? Why?

After this, a few people told me there was an animated series. I watched a total of 5 episodes then read the rest in like Sparknotes. This genuinely confused me, the marketing with this seemed to want to steer people away from Wakfu the MMO. Like why aren't there eyecatches for this animated series stating "Based on an MMO"? And why is so much of the plot completely independent from the MMO itself? Like there were about 2 episodes which felt like they made sense if you also played the MMO. The bigger thing was I never bothered to Google Search or Wiki the term "Wakfu" and now realize just about every search for that term will overshadow the MMO with the animated series. Like as a player I saw Kali's arc, but in the animated series it confused me why Mishell had screen time and turned people into Tofus?* (I want to get back to this point because it brings up another misleading thing)

Forget about Kamas, this series costs 100,000 Euros per episode and is commissioned to some company named Ankama. I was also told they are a board game company, and also made Krosmaga. So I did some research and found Xa-xa-xa, the original artist for the various deities of Krosmaga, and apparently the concept art for Doofus.

Endest Game

Mount Zinit
Then 171+ everything felt like a stat-check, it was less strategy and more 'do you have the numbers to win'. Was told a level 170 Yellow would carry me to 215, but that wasn't true... and I wasted 10million Kama on that. Clearly all these stat-checks were placed by players to bar people from entering certain areas with loot, so those with gear get more while those without it can't.

Like there really is no strategy as often you don't have the stats or class to be able to win. Like the Badgeroxxer with high base stats, or the Dor'mor mobs that revive fully if certain conditions aren't met. It feels less like 'use strategy to achieve these conditions?' and more like 'can you achieve these conditions?'. I asked same guildmates and most said it is simply impossible for certain classes to 1v1 a Badger or Dor'mor, yet when asking about what to do to defeat them, they said most people run dungeons with 6 Toons -- I only have 1.

Owl Slaughter for Kamas
This random Xelor player agreed to help me make Kamas, so he told me to follow to Owls. 80 Owl Corpses later, and I made a sweet 800,000 Kamas. Bad for the environment, but good for me! The sad little detail is how these Owls don't even attack you, they all have a debuff giving them -100% damage, they would peck me for '-1', while I slowly whipped them to death 600 damage at a time alongside my Wild Gobball.

So set off with my trusty Gobball and I killed 30 Owls, but none of them dropped the Owl Pieces. I swear this guy tricked me! I am a person of my word though, so I deleted my character because a promise is a promise! 

This game then started doing whatever bribes and tricks to get me to continue playing. Some dude gives me 5million kamas. I don't know what your after, but I'm not falling for it!

So now I'm like only 2 days away from '50 Days of Almanax' for a free Drheller.
Bye Bye "Coqueiine". I don't want that Drheller, or whatever Osamosa was, bet it wasn't even worth the grind.

So when do I get my Island now?

I still had high hopes with the system as I saw a ton of summons on Osa along with abilities seemed to just be dragged-and-dropped from one unit to another, so I figured players probably designed these as no game designer paid to design would let this slide. I was excited to use this simple drag-and-drop spell thing to design my own dungeons and Ultimate Bosses.

Like clearly there is some system present, some separate server where players can submit isolated UBs and at a certain number of votes they can be cleared by whomever reviews, or better yet! Any Island gets accepted!

Now I want to ask, a few players supposedly can change the code? Where can I start doing that? Is there a "Coder Guild". I want to check that out? This is clearly possible, as for some reason "Fastuc" was a spell multiple times that was just dragged and dropped into different scenarios which wreaks of spaghetti. But please forgive me if my English is bad or if my lack of forethought screws over something you built. I am better working alone, but best when I have a focus group of people to bum off of. Now I want clear transparent guildlines before I start building and planning this Island on how I get it added to the game world.

So is there some Wakfu client that lets you create the dungeons and upload those to some server like Minecraft? I did join a Discord called "Server Beta". This server confused me, several channels were in French... but the majority of players speak Spanish, I wanted to post something in French, but I feel nobody would understand and I'd be some troll. This game is "Player Driven" so I assumed everything was created by players. I want to create my first dungeon! I just don't know how because this game got like no YouTube guides or tutorials at all! Is there a good channel for questions in Server Beta?

So how do I make a monster? I upload it to Server Beta right? I wanna build my own Island just like the other Guild Leaders did!

Final Review


Why "?", because I don't even know I experienced the same game from when the peak playerbase was online. I'm not very good at thinking so a lot of subtle things about this community and its rules went over my head.
The game also feels like it operates under a bunch of 'unspoken rules' that bar new players from really getting into it, also causing a divide between higher level and lower level players.

Seriously, could someone tell me how to build an Island for review to get added to the world? I want to contribute my part and leave my mark to this player-driven world!

By the way, the music in this game is phenomenal! Who is making that?

Why are there so few players creating Islands anyways? The time for Osamosa adding was so long.

Oh, I never got back to the point I was going to make about Mishell: Why is she in the game at all? Who created her? She just stands there at Wild Beach. Can I fight her and see her turn me into a Tofu? I'd love to try starting off by making something simple like that to add to contribute to the Player Driven thing. Just a third little tab on Mishell that says "Fight" if you click, she's just Invulnerable and kills you.

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In my 4 years of experience playing this game... This is the first time I've ever felt so confused reading a thread.

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ha-ha, same

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Idk who told you you can make your own dungeon or island, because you can't (outside of havenworlds, but they don't have dungeons, they are just a base for a guild). The "player driven" mostly meant the economy and the ecosystems.
But you will be able to make your own dungeon int the upcomming MMO Ankama is making called Waven.

All the music, the animation, the other MMOS (dofus and dofus touch, waven soon), krosmaga, krosmaster, a bunch of board games, mobile games and some comic books are all made by Ankama. 

But yeah I agree, they don't advertise nearly enough, outside of their mobile games

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not long ago Ankama launched advertising on YouTube about Temporis V 
my RU friends who don't play even saw it. I think the YouTube ads were successful 
but that applies to Dofus. I don't see ads for Wakfu game 

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I've never been so happy that players don't have the ability to create new content or modify code...

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How is it possible that someone could find Iop of all classes hard?
And the way you played the game really hurts to read.

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This guy literally wants to get spoon fed everything , i sadly had to read his ingame chat messages begging for plvling and gear... 

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Score : 159

From someone who knows this player, I can say wholeheartedly: You rushed the game.

You didn't take the time it would to learn it, and refused to go far learning something different of your style, instead of just "standing in the back and buffing". Despite many different attempts to help you get on your feet, and not begging for a carry at every chance you got, you still refused to advance forward, and stand your ground waiting for that "carry" you've been asking for.

Not everyone is interested in carrying someone gearless, and has a lack of common in-game knowledge, such as: 

  • Not being able to click on a cell(Supposedly this player had trouble clicking on cells within fights)
  • Refuse to come up with a nice follow up plan to help your teammates, instead of just passing
  • Never taking any tips into account for yourself

You should re-learn the game, talk to different people as to why they 6box, or what other players do when they only have one character. Truly understand what game you are playing, cause Wakfu is an amazing MMO, and it sucks that you missed out so much by simply being fixated on nothing else but leveling, with 0 knowledge on how to gear, craft, enchant, play your turn; literally everything.

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Score : -264

This is probably the most backwards and confusing take on wakfu I've ever even come close to seeing. First off, you had this fantastical view of what the game was so you basically ruined it for yourself right off the bat. Second off.... I don't understand any of your decisions. You claim to feel guilty and yet you constantly and OPENLY go on about how you didn't do much but beg and get carried.

Creating your own dungeon? Honestly that one's just on you.... Literally 5 seconds of research on any search platform that has access to the very website you posted this on would have completely dispelled this random fabrication. Continuing to reference this website.... again you complained about how there wasn't much description of the classes and then go on talking about how the game is player driven, is this your first time on the forums? There are countless good, and bad class guides. New and old. Also I find it very amusing how it looks like every guild you joined just used your strange fiction of what this game is to keep you around. Non of your guild leader made a monster. Not a single one. The amount of lies that were told to you seem just countless at this point. Again a 5 second google search could have solved all the mystery.

My personal experience in this game was entirely contrary to yours. I did almost the entire early-mid game by myself and my personal goal was to be a zealot for my nation, killing anything and everything I could that wasn't Brakmarian. I hated begging and getting carried, avoided it at all costs. (not to say I never got carried but I can confidently say I never begged)

As for what this is now.... this is it. This is wakfu, everything you experienced, is wakfu. You were only right about 1 thing in your post and that is the goal. The goal isn't beating bosses, its not leveling to 215, its getting rich. I've been playing it for longer than I care to admit and that's my personal verdict (also don't get me wrong I love the game but it is kind of shallow)

IMO wakfu is not the game for you. This game isn't going to offer what you are looking for (given everything I read in that post) I'm not trying to be mean or rude, however it seems to me that your image of what wakfu is and what wakfu actually is are incompatible. It's a shame you wasted your time but I think thats honestly what happened.

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"Player-driven MMO" is an EXTREMELY vague term to base so many expectations. Yes, Wakfu have a lot of player-based experiences such as the economy, comerce, politics, enviromental laws, but thats it.
You also said you though Osa was a new class because you saw the trailer... DID YOU NOT SEE THE DATE THE TRAILER WAS UPLOADED? 2012, 9 years ago. Heck, the trailer ends with "Osamodas: COming February 2, 2012" xD If you can't even watch a trailer to the end, imagine learning a strategic MMO...

And you said your gobgob wasn't much useful, ok, yea, but, did you... you know... tried to catch a new monster? ANYTHING at all? And of all guilds you entered, one that came out and said  "That's not the only thing that's useless here." ? Yea, you joined a bunch of idiots, leave it and find a better guild! Even if you're being carried, at least try to help, your class have a lot of basic support stuff, so start supporting!

Also, OF COURSE the animation won't have that much to do with the game, an open-world MMO means any story based on it will have its own plot, characters and story. Thats the point of many MMOs, to have no story, so you can follow your own path. Sure once in a while we have a narrative-driven sequence of quests and events, but nothing grand that would last for several episodes in an animation.

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Sadly he joined our guild, but just like you guys said, its just like talking to a brick wall, we tried to help him as much as we could, but hey, you can't help someone whose actively trying to drown himself :shrug:

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Had like 2 exiled players who acted this way before in mine... Excluded the game expectations and all that during my time as a 2nd in command.

Really sorry you had to go through this X)

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"I attacked Stalagmonarch without Locking and could not tell that it was random people who joined my fight. (Isn't the opposite of "Lock" called "Dodge"? I told the dude I only had "20 Points in Lock" and that those enemy players must have had higher Dodge.) I then pressed the Dodge button (the little flag) thinking it would let me Escape the fight and reset it, but it killed me. I lost a friend that day. Or from my perspective I did, so I ran away from that Guild as fast as possible." - gold 
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Goddes Sacrier I hope this is not a troll post

Alright, good thirteen layers of shushu... I've been spending probably 30% of my life points trying to break down what happened. And apparently you reminded me of someone that I used to play with... And he quit after I blacklisted him. Long story short, this person pmed me countless time asking for PvP and babysit on all dungeons without even taking the time to learn, even became a threat to other guilds (By actually being toxic) to which I had to hold responsibility as a guy who suggested this person to go into another guild I know. By coincidence he also played Osa with a wild gobball but proceed to play Sacrier because "DMG = God". Storytime ends here.

So, the closest guess I can make when you mentioned 'Island' is the Haven World and the Haven Bag.

The Haven World is basically a private area for guild members to build and decorate freely, it used to be a resource hub (Where you can plant and gather resources) but the feature was removed. So now it's just a decoration. In this place you can build buildings that provides stat bonuses and increases guild space, there's also low level dungeons that can be build. [The currency to build is Kamas and Resources, and Guild Level requirement is Level 10, correct me if I'm mistaken]

Haven Bag on the other hand is a mini-shop or a mini-living-room or a mini-garden, whichever you choose. You can place decorations and display windows (You can place your item and sell) as well as planting farmer, herbalist and lumberjack resources.

Mechanics and Dungeons
As you have known, many of the possible customization that you have pictured is false. So many of the mechanics of certain monsters you've faced are not made by the players themselves but by the actual developers of the game. And most of these mechanics are pretty easy to understand and progressively become complex as the level goes up
Taking this into account, let's check the Old Lenald you fought. He has a mechanic where he's vulnerable when getting hit in the front but not on his side and back. You claimed to have no method of damaging creature from the front, simply because you might've used Bwork Sneakiness to turn his back or do not have the MP to move to where he is facing. However, because of how the AI works the Old Lenald will not face his back in front of you, they're not that smart.
"So we arrive at our first boss: (well my first boss)"
Excuse me what...?
Well you figured how it works so I'm not gonna jump on that. But to think this is your first... Surely, that's not the case?

End Game
Dunno what a toon is but I assumed it's closely similar to 'alts', a player who plays a different character/different account. Hah, toxic community, that one is no doubt. True.

Above the Exquisite Tier (Level 171+) we started entering the world of 'It's kill or be killed' you either become skillful enough to manage to beat all of them up alongside your team or let them mercilessly murder you. In this case, damage is crucial to determine your survivability and knowledge of the game. 

Owl Slaughter
Huh, you deleted your character. That's a shame. Dunno what kind of bet you went into to delete your boi.

Overall, many of the expectations you put into the game is amazingly... False. Yes, from my experience I also had that kind of idea but managed to figure out immediately that was not the case. Because no psychopath in the developer team would allow player to custom build a dungeon/mechanic that could potentially kill the whole server. Sorry mate, but many of the custom features you expected don't exist here.

Also, I've noticed that there are a category of players who rushed B the game and became a high level player with low knowledge of the game. This is one of drawbacks of getting powerlevel-ed as a newcomer, it's insane to see how many players I've asked "Bruh you know this mechanic?" then proceeds to get a 'No' response during my time helping people in the trade and recruit chat.

Do you have any idea how many times I need to brief for the players to get it? Personally, I don't mind. But if there are those who didn't listen or refuse to learn about it then they can also be categorized in the toxic side of the community.

Well if you're willing to go back and try to re-learn and progress that I'd heavily suggest you do so.

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What have I read

... Seriously, I'm just in awe, not even negatively or ironically.

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I'm a member of one of this guy's guilds, he never listened to anyone and was just rushing to endgame, he'd ask things and we would tell him the truth about them and hed tell us we were wrong and continue to be ignorant, lol. only thing he actually listened to me on was about hunters guild quests

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I don't even know what to say. I'm just embarrassed on behalf of everyone who had to deal with you.

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I read the whole thing and came to a conclusion : 
I don't understand where you are coming from

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No one does.

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I believe it is safe to say that you did not actually experience the game of Wakfu. What you did experience was a speed level tour to what you perceive as ‘end game’ and those two things are not the same.  The poor experience that you claim to have had is one of your own making, where you would rather spend your time counting the minutes (quite literally) and the amount of experience you can get per minute rather than learning activities, mechanics, and the community. Please take into consideration the fact that much of the game continues to confuse you as you stated. This would not be the case if you have spent time on learning the features that you do not understand and focus on learning the character you are playing. I once asked you what your goal was for the game (this question prompted by an expressed displeasure with everything you engaged in), and you replied “to see end game content”.  So consider your priorities from the beginning, and recognize that they had nothing to do with learning or enjoying the game.  If you choose to continue playing the game, I strongly recommend the suggestion of death-king and “re-learn the game”.  And if not, feel confident that you came to see what you wanted to see and move along. 

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Guess who plays games like this : 

IGN reviewers.

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On the bright side, the community stood up to help this person when they didn't have to (especially with character names such as they are), so kudos to those patient (and mostly kind) souls.

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Many are pretty confused with the directions the game gave. It was until level 80 above where most of the time you'll be creating tales of your own and rely a little bit more with others. 

We could at least tolerate them just as much as the previous players tolerate us when we were cute little innocent drakes.

Oh but this one's a lost cause...

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I never read a thread with that amount of ... This is clearly the worst point of view ever.

Did you really play the game? 

I got so confused reading your post that in some point I forgot that it was about Wakfu.

> "I click the tooltip "Immune to all damage except from the front"... and my character has no method I know of to damage creature from the front."


I still don't believe you spent that much time writing something really bad and mislead... And worst, I still don't believe I spent time reading it...

Sorry, you didn't even play the game.

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