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Haven bag farming times

By Encee#9542 - MEMBER - September 08, 2021, 07:36:00

So, I'm getting started with farming herbs from my haven bag, but I don't know the exact time penalty for letting it grow while you're outside of your haven bag. A guild member says it rapidly slows down but when I let it grow for a few minutes with plain flax, it grew at a normal pace.

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Haven Bag farmer here.
Now I don't know the exact mechanic. But anyone who are deep into it feel free to tell~

From my experience, it grows at a fairly normal rate when you're inside the bag, but slows down when you're outside. This applies to all of the crops and trees that you decided to farm in the bag.

I have a 6x2 fully expanded green haven gem areas split into 6 different sections. Made a cycle where I can harvest and replant one section while the rest grows, from there I can constantly plant and harvest until all my seeds ran out. As long as you're inside it'll grow normally.

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If I recall it all well, penalties no longer happen. The negative weather outside (too hot or too cold) only affects the gathering speed. Inside the bag, everything has the default growing time and gathering time.

A few exceptions, the first 2 beginning resources of each profession (thistles, wheat, ashes, etc.) grow faster than the rest of resources. Trees grow twice faster than herbs and crops. Back then, the growing time between phases was 10 minutes, no idea if it has changed.

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If you are inside your bag doing agriculture constantly without leaving, growing rates are normal

Otherwise my info could be wrong, but if you leave your bag, the growth timer is bugged, and all plants currently inside the bag will have their timer synchronised to either the latest crop that you planted such that they will all grow up to the next stage together at once, or some longer length buggy timer that lets them all grow up to the next stage simultaneously.

I've had cases where my crops were left overnight and still haven't grown, or after finishing a dungeon they were suddenly all grown together even though previously they were stilted from growing for the longest of times.

If you are not in a hurry, just plant your entire field and ignore them till the batch is fully grown before harvesting. If you are in a hurry, stay in your bag constantly and plant about 2 garden gem's worth of plants and roughly by the time you start your third gem the first gem should have their harvest ready.

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Actually, creating the heaven bag instance resets the plants' growth. As such, leaving or entering your HB will reset their growth to the last "checkpoint" they reached (for a tree, those are the sprout, the mid-state, the state where you can cut the tree, and finally the state where you can get the fruits).

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