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relic hunter need your help

By pablotopo1#4905 - MEMBER - July 26, 2021, 07:54:25

Hi guys i m posting this not to show off ... im posting this because i want to thank all remmington players that indirect or directly (victor freeze and loxley) introduced me into this wakfu archeology hobby  , now im more close to feel not only enthusiatic but as a collector .... now this  heaven bag is parked in ecaflupus mostly all the time for the new collector and non collectors enthusiasts to visit and get real reference of old decorations.

name of the bag gougaloragran lair`s heaven-bag ... is the pink octopus .

i m asking around for years for old decorations and old gears that now are pixel relics of the game , i just want your attention and time by looking your chests and collections and help me upgrade it more and more im open for trades for rares , buying or accepting gifts .

thank you guys.


can pme in-game to : el-cöllectör or gougaloragran . have fun
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