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kindly from a wakfu fan player

By tripanya#3868 - MEMBER - July 24, 2021, 01:49:03

hi guys , well as i know many of the players that im willing to target on this post now dont play the game or maybe taking a break from it ,until it gets better ...well bad news ,problem i see across this months after the merge are many but the worst i can found and is really sad  is that the gamers are not playing a role game here , they seem more focus on release hatred against other communities and act as they do in the hood , big example : nox or remmi  merging with elbor community  is a big deal here  is more like a racist problem than a game problem :

- elbor players elites, and i already spoke to many of them, hated the merge idea and want back what they used to play, cheap prices and the few elbor players that can pay for conversion stones  set their prices to high (so basically is what you see in real life in those countries), they are untrusted even against their own community, they just keep getting advantage on the situation for just personal wealthy in game.

- remmington players , felt invaded and just very few of them actually trying to interact with elbor elites , some others (many) taking a break from game or left game forever due to the merge and some hard class reworks. Also heard some people saying they not interest on playing or be near spanish players because this seems not as an "international" server but more likely a new elbor server.

i mean, im not an expert and thats why im trying to find out ,not only why? ,but also how? to solve this deep problem between communities , this is not ankama problem is our freedom and evolution of the communities , its a game i know  maybe this is pointless or worthless comparing to real life for most of you , of course ! but im not talking to those players that dont care about the game at all , theres a lot of hurted  people in the years and many other just hate  all and dont like other people to enjoy a pretty mmo game like this , so just for the record im willing to ask community some questions and maybe find out how to balance this  or try at least :

1-you like the merge?
2-you feel welcoming  by new "international" server community ?
3-you feel any racial problems that you can consider is bullying?
4-you feel annoyed or invaded because other communities conquered some maps ?
5-you feel the game is going to get positive balanced?
6-whats your worst nightmare with new server?
7-you think there is a flood or majority of elbor community players in game right now?
8-why you lost your love for wakfu ,  the game you loved for years?
9-is pointless try to integrate the communities?
10-we can possible try to fix this real world problem here and maybe just maybe try to play  a role game instead of a community (language) crushed game ?
11-it is a problem to you  know that example : elbor server got a x3 mutiplier while the merge (if you had 1mk they got 3mk in the server switch) ?
12-if everything is droping price (naturally elbor players are just much more than other ex servers playerbase ), do you think is fair enough also ogrines  got lower price and prevent the abuse of those elbor overlords against that elbor community that play f2p and hardly can pay a booster?
13-is there a way to help or is maybe something ankama need to fix?

thank you very much i guess this kind of answers can help me not just me but maybe some other players answer some community issues that is running the new "international" server

best regards 


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This post is a whole can of worms that needs a bit of detangling.

I've taken a break from the game just post-server merge, but not for the reasons you've mainly stated. It was due to burnout and fatigue, a bit of needless perfectionism on attaining the perfect slots on gear, takes a toll on the mind and body. Now I'm back, trying to ease the grind a little bit.

Contrary to your post, I approached the server merge in a positive light.

  • Recruitment and Trade chat finally being used. Sure, most of it is in Spanish, but even as a non-Spanish speaker I get the gist of what they are saying. learned some new words too like compro or vendo. Albeit, I don't use it much. There's plenty of other avenues to seek assistance (Discord, Guild chat)
  • A healthy market. things get bought and sold a lot faster now. Honestly this is the most important part for me.
  • Price of shards are lower. These were twice the price pre-merge. Now it's easier to tolerate the grindy enchantment system.

I don't know about the ogrine prices in Elbor, or what ogrine price are you referring to (the price of Ogrine real currency or the current price of buying Conversion stones), but the price of conversions stones of Remi to Rubilax mostly stayed the same.

Honestly, I don't really care about this "supposed" conflict between the communities, seems like a pointless way to instigate drama. Or maybe I am just being ignorant, I am in a tight-knit guild after all and that's where I get most of my interaction.
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Each game has its culture, and while instances are often done using world chat and waiting outside the instance entrance, this only happens for astrub and end game dungeons in wakfu. the mid tier dungeons, when done, more often than not are done through friend lists or guildies partying together.

This is a good thing IMO because with tactical gameplay, it's better for you to play with people you are used to and playstyles that can work with each other, rather than with random strangers who might have elitist attitudes and shun people who are not familiar with the mechanisms of the dungeon

For that purpose I don't think a party finder is really suited to wakfu's gameplay outside of finishing achievements and questions requirements (e.g. rikiki wand and sshudoku)

Post-merge, a language barrier is another strike against playing with random players. 

While I don't doubt pvp scenes remain toxic as it is in the nature of competitive players more often than not, I do think its health to have a bigger roster of people playing in the battlefields to shake up the status quo depending on the timezone.

Other than that and a more active market, I do believe different languages communities mostly keep to themselves due to the language barrier. Im not against having other people speaking other languages, it should be something worth celebrating. Unfortunately i’m unable to type chinese characters, it just comes up as blanks.

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Hi. Thanks for the reflection. You're right that each community had its own vibe and many Remington players felt invaded. The reason is that many people from other communities do not understand that this is an international server. On the international server, it is customary to speak with strangers in English. When people write to me in other languages, I politely make a comment so that the person speaks English. I am from Moscow and live in Russia, but I never used my native language when I wrote to someone I don't know.

  • I like server merging because of the economic aspect.
  • Racial issues are present, but conflicts usually occur in discords.
  • I only feel disrespect for the general language environment. Where everyone is trying to speak their own languages, forgetting that this is an international server.
  • the game is filled with content. the current developers make the game very beautiful. new islands, redesigns, new content and animations.but in terms of class balance, the game is far from perfect. and some non-uniform revamps, when some classes receive an identity buff, while others have everything removed, this worsens the gaming experience. in dofus, the classes are much deeper and more interesting
  • my worst nightmare on a new server is Xelor revamp
  • the problem of the new community will be solved if people start to respect each other and use English to start when you talk to strangers
  • conversion stone is cheaper in Pandora, I do not see a problem on the international server in terms of economics. and i don't mind what some players got x3 kama. Shards have dropped in value only because high level players are more likely to destroy items. Taking into account that very often it was a weekend when the loot was doubled, many people farm the mineral tower as a quick way to get shards. The demand for shards is also falling due to the fact that many have already finished their builds. so it is normal process.
  • I do not know how different departments of ankama interact with each other but as for the classes wakfu devs team could pay attention to dofus. I know there were problems with the sacrier and the community was heard by dofus devs team, but here I have been trying for two months to get in touch and unite players who see that the new Xelor is bad in identity, support and positioning and we still received no official response or comment, only silence sad
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thank you for the feedback , even tho dont forget not all players focus their play-time  the same way , this post is not trying to instigate drama , on the contrary is already time so we all can put our experiences on the table ..... in the natural process we having right  now a brakmar`s elbor domain  and amakna`s efrim(brazilian domain) ... 

nox and remington always had been more international servers than the others and i just can speak on my experience  on that , so i was used to see some italian guilds , german guilds , french guilds ...and many more other countries had their guild in remington  ... is a fact that now is very few of them that are playing the game( some of them for payment problems) and for me and the hole game maybe is important we can get some feedback to help accept this new game server.  as Nectum , Amethyc and thothus are saying is more healthy  and thats good , but dont forget that status is very fragile  depending just on the competitive market , im more connected  with the idea that is the community (discord and other plataforms) that may unite a healthy economy ... some people are not aware that many latin america  players that want play  dont even have real money to buy a booster even working .i want to  enlight this to the post.

i think a healty economy base for wakfu is made like this:
-top grinders :
players that go always for the hard tasks in game dropping 0.1% to 0,5% rare drops , they in fact are also main, regular and random other grinders .
-main grinders: 
players that go for volume dropping , flooding the market with richness and the base of a wealthy economy, they also are regular and random .
-regular grinders :
players that focus on some kind of drops : boss mats , recepies , gears , they also random grinders
-random grinder:
players that dont have time to play much and time to time join the game for some hours  and grind focus drops or volume drops.
(is my opinion)

if any of this "ranks" just stop playing  , affects the whole economy base . and of course if theres no new players that are buying stuff the same problem , so i guess is nice to talk about this because at the moment this topics are just like smoke , speaking up this  may help other new players and old to understand some other layers of complexity in this mmo .

thank you for reading and say your mind on this topic

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