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Mega thread of battle and monster issues (with some suggestions added to the mix)

By ozoeiro#2616 - MEMBER - June 26, 2021, 00:37:36
Won't beat around the bush and cut straight to a big ass list:
Monsters and Dungeons
1. Rogues (lvl170, Sufokia's Mines):
  • Dominant Rogue has the exact same appearance as a normal monster of the family (Rogue Rtist). Not even a pallet swap.
  • Rogue Rtist also has the exact same appearance as the Crobak's (lvl80, Kelba) archmonster.
  • Rouge Rogue and Rogue Lob Ludgeon have spells with very unfitting animations.
Both of these first ones aren't game breaking stuff, just some graphical issues that would be nice to see fixed in the future. However, it won't be the first time on this thread that graphical stuff is mentioned.
  • Remington Smif's mystery "A Friend of Mine" spell: I know what is it, I know people that know what is it, no one knows why it happens. It's a field nuke that I've seen gifs of it happening and heard some personal anecdotes of when it happened, but no one seems to have a clue on what's the trigger. I'd honestly love some insight of the devs about it, because it's a mystery to me (and maybe a fix on it, if it is indeed bugged).

2. Kokokos (lvl65, Sufokia):
  • Archmonster and Dominant monster have the same appearance

3. Magik Riktus (lvl110, Amakna):
  • Archmonster and Boss have the same appearance
  • Some of the monsters spawned by the summoned Hats have the wrong appearance (Monster with the swordsman sprite, but the stats and spells of the tank)

4. Chafers (lvl95, Brakmar):
  • Archmonster and Boss have the same appearance

5. Scaras (lvl95, Brakmar):
  • Archmonster and Boss have the same appearance

6. Hoodfellas (lvl170, Bonta Mines):
  • Dominant Hoodlum has the same appearance as Hoodlum Protectors (?)(I might be wrong about this because Hoodlum Protectors have color variations).
  • Dominant Hoodlum appears to have bugged visuals too, with them not assuming the class stance after the fight starts

I think we got a theme with these ones. Legit, just a pallete swap would be enough, it's already the treatment most archmonsters get. Scaramel, the Melty already had a different graphic before, just turn it back to what it once was, make the Riktus Hat green, make the Chafer arch normal bone colors, etc.

7. Mushdskitos (lvl80, Bonta Mines):
  • They all seem... wrong? disconnected? When the nations revamp happened they were upgraded from lvl 50 to lvl 80, but somehow lost mechanical depth? I won't pretend they were extremely complex before, but at least they had something.
  • Bloodsucker Tsu Tsu would deal melee damage and get bigger with each hit it dealt, losing MP in the process, after reaching max size, it would Kamikaze itself dealing massive AoE damage. Now... they just kinda deal melee damage and steal life. They still get bigger, but it's only a graphical bug of the skill, if you damage them in any way they return to normal. They also don't explode anymore
  • Big Mushds used to spawn small mushds. These would eat other small mushds, getting more MP and damage for each eaten. First time I saw that happend I thought they were like Glutoblops from Dofus (OS everything in melee, including allies, getting max MP for each time it kills) and panicked. Now... they just deal melee damage without even an attack animation and have a bizarre passive that removes crit (or rear, don't remember) resist while you're 2 cells or less of them...?
  • I'm gonna be honest, I don't remember how the boss originally was, just that he stole WP (?) and looked similar to the Kamikaze Moskitos. Now... He just deals damage from a distance (animation seems misaligned too), becomes stabbed for a turn if you move him and summons small mushds. These reworked small mushds don't have the eating mechanic, now they're immune to distance damage and when you kill one, you get a third bar spell with 1 use, that places down a 1 cell glyph that removes MP of whoever steps over it (completely unrelated to anything apparently).

Can you tell I'm not a fan of how this dungeon was reworked?
Most of what I had to say was for lower level content. I think that high level content should be the main focus of an MMORPG, but a good first impression is necessary too.

8. Scramshells (lvl215, Shhhudoku Kingdom):
  • Chamelehombre attracting skill hits on a cros 2 AoE, but looks like it's single target. Minor issue, I think everyone that's used to them know it's a cross, but just looks a bit weird IMO.

9. All 215 Dungeons on Shhhudoku Kingdom:
  • Is it really not planned to add stasis steles there? Seems weird considering they scale damage just like Osamosa does. Took just some days after the update dropping to have the first s50 clear on one of them, now all of them have it, while Osamosa is still stuck at s41 max (on Rubilax, don't know about Pandora)

10. Vandalophrenics (lvl215, Osamosa):
  • The only dungeon still stuck at s30 on all rankings (Rubilax, again, no clue about Pandora). When will the hog get what's coming to him? firefirefire

11. Cwabstaceans (lvl215, Osamosa):
  • s31 and s41 mechanics of the boss don't work, at least from who I've talked to and streams I've seen, they don't seem to work at all.
  • This one doesn't affect me directly, but damn it would've been fun seeing what's written on the passive unfold.

12. Ethernals (lvl200, Mount Zinit):
  • Hot rocks summoned by the boss don't have their masteries, resulting in very low damage. Basically useless, adds no mechanical depth.
  • Same for cold rocks summoned by the archmonster
  • Speaking of the archmonster, They are a copy of the boss, but with new water spells in place of the boss' fire ones, with an unique state. However, this unique archmonster state doesn't work properly. It says -1 AP every time you move and - 1 MP every time you use a spell, with only the latter working as intended.

(Edit to add more stuff I remembered just now)

13. Master Shhhudoku (lvl110, Shhhudoku Kingdom):
  • Because I will now be forced to see him occasionally when I do Frigost's rift, I need someone to hear my cries: PLEASE CHANGE the RNG passive, it makes the boss so terrible to play against if you have a melee damage dealer. I don't know, you can keep the RNG, just make it not reflect the attacker, or make it always proc if there's more than 1 player near him.

1. Cwabs (lvl65, Sufokia):
  • Father Cwabstix has an armoring spell that gives 250 armor to himself around in a area of circle 2. This is very low when he's not with his base HP. It can be changed to 20-25% of his max HP to make it scale, regardless of where he is.

2. Blackspores (lvl140, Ohwymi):
  • When a Haploid Sporelator buries itself on the ground, the mechanism he leaves has only 1500 HP and no resistance, making it kinda low on higher waves. Could be changed to 30-35% of his max HP.

3. Dark Treechnids (lvl140, Bonta):
  • I won't repeat myself with the bug I've already reported on beta.
  • When spawning on rifts, their initial armor value is set to 50% of their original HP, not the current max HP after the wave modifier is applied, leaving them with very low initial armor. Having them start their turn with no armor to recast it gives them the actual value of 50% max HP.

4. Ultimate Rift resources:
They are planned to be usable in more stuff eventually, right? Right now there's only a haven bag effect to craft with them. I think that normal rift resources also need more uses, but at least they exist to make keys.
Stuff that's not related to monsters
I'm gonna be honest, I really don't think this suggestion will be heard buuuut:
I think everyone that I know that does PvM would love an option to turn off your turn timer
  • Make it so that the leader of the group can turn it off, having infinite timer against monsters.
  • If some player disconnects mid-battle, the leader can decide if they want to turn back timer or just wait until the player comes back.
  • If all players disconnect, it resets back to timed turns automatically.
  • Not possible to turn on while in PvP.
I don't know if there's any technical issues with this, but other than that, I can't see how letting players think with no rush would be negative to a strategy game y'know? The game only takes into account turn count, so no conflict with ladders would happen.
Phantom APs and MPs:
Do the devs already know what causes the game to be impossible to go back to normal after disconnecting and reconnecting mid-battle? Such a pain, and it's a bug that's been there for a long long time.

I may lost myself a bit in this tangent. I think that's all I know and have some personal investment in. I tagged this post under "Combat Strategy", even though it has some stuff that doesn't fit this
If anyone has disagrees with anything I said or has anything else to add, they can 1v1 me noob lvl35- only.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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Remington’s nuke is fairly simple: once attacked, if he doesn’t receive around 10.000 dmg in two turns, he nukes.
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Pretty sure I tested that already.
Not filing his damage counter just gives him 30% critical hits and 6WP
Also happens when he starts a turn whithout having his damage counter started
Buuut I may be incorrect, I'll test it tomorrow.

If you're wrong, I'll have you know that my uncle's dad's brother's wife's sister's daughter works at Ankama and your account will be 24 hour banned, permanently.
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Some dungeons that I feel had wrongly adjusted stats, making them very tough to do post Nations Revamp and should have their scaling reviewed. Maybe instead of a linear scaling, it should be an exponential plateau 


Temple of the Grand Orrok - Too strong for its level range


Abandoned Workshop - No newbies I know have ever tried it or known it existed or how it works, only veterans use it to farm for equips to do level 80 BF. At the very least increase the timer to 20 minutes so that people have time to explore the mechanisms and deal with the boss room if all mobs are dead except boss and you have to grind it to 0 health.


The Snaptrap - Too strong for its level range


The Villainy Vineyards - Too weak for its level range


Kali's Lair - Too strong for its level range towards higher stasis

Elite Riktus Dungeon - Too strong for its level range towards higher stasis.

Bistrogue - Remington is too strong in general while the rooms are manageable, what's with that huge amount of AP and MP, being able to teleport to escape lock every turn, and reduce res of one ally to 0 every turn, and regaining bombs and therefor invincibility every 3 turns?


Kanniball Dungeon - Ridiculous boss with way too many requirements to fulfill and a second phase just as problematic as the first phase without letting you heal

Forbidden City - His increase in % DI in phase I is problematic, otherwise manageable

Can't comment on 186+ dungeons because I'm not that level yet.
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Here's one for you:
  • Occulege (126-140)
POINTLESS. No decent rewards whatsoever, requires completion of all 3 years of Huppermage. Wouldn't be so mad if this dungeon wasn't part of the Daily Dungeons quest so, unless you have cleared Huppermage school, it's one daily WASTED.
But that aside... the dungeon feels like it's simply unfinished. The boss is quite a good piece of work, but the mobs are just lame class placeholders, and sometime recently Ankama quietly tried to shake things up by adding a Range/MP/AP debuff on the Air, Earth and Water rooms which, while being a nice touch, it also makes it REALLY annoying when the Iops start to combo you and suddenly you were emptied out of 6APs or more before your turn even started. And the whole layout makes any melee-oriented fighter having a hell of a hard time reaching the mobs.
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wtf bro, don't tellem about the rocks.
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Granthese#6501|2021-06-26 04:58:03
Can't argue, not well informed enough, only did there like 3 times tops.

[quote="Granthese#6501|2021-06-26 04:58:03"]
  • [*]Ethernals
    Boss mechanic pretty much DEMANDS a Feca or Panda, if not positioning with a lot of imagination to put the boss on that eeny-tiny hole every single turn when he have 6PM to wander off. Thats fine and dandy until he brings the DEATH CLOUDS! Which wouldn't be so bad if he couldn't also put 2 or 3 and pull/push you towards one of them and insta-kill you. Seriously ankama, cut us some slack, maybe make it like Vertox's skull hand where we only die if we start on it!
    Funny thing here, the boss deals pretty much 10x less damage if you break the egg BEFORE killing any mobs xD Hint for future runs.


Ethernals: Zinit dungeons are an Enu fest, you can't win without MP removal, positioning is basically required to do any endgame dungeon well, so I don't think a Panda being basically required here changes much (because there was already gonna be a Panda anyway most of the time)
Dreggons: Absolutely no one will hatch the boss first before killing mobs in any higher than 21 stasis, mobs are too problematic and you'll waste 2 turns just to hatch the egg. Boss doesn't have infinite range, just stay far enough away and none of your DD's will get damaged ever basically. Dreggons are definitely one of the most boring dungeons in the game, but it's definitely one of the easiest (first one to be done in s50, waaaay before enchantment update made everyone 2x as powerful).

Granthese#6501|2021-06-26 04:58:03
As for the other dungeons...201
  • [*]Tortumult
    Too much HP on the boss, resistance debuff lasts too long and stacks too high.
    Nothing to say except thanks for the rebalancing on that boss smile Wasn't unplayable or broken, but quite a piece of annoyance.
    Glyph restrictions make this battle a headache the longer it goes, especialy with teams heavy on melee damage. Can't it be made fair if the boss consumes the glyphs used to teleport so we at least lose 1 or 2 glyphs each turn?

Tortumult: I personally want to never do that dungeon again because it's just boring, but also very easy. You just use the Spikes to up your damage while removing the boss's resist aswell, he's a Distance Archetype, you can remove MP every turn and he'll never get more permanent, so you just cripple him and stay away from his range, rendering his di% up and your resistance down irrelevant.
Bearkneck: Yeah before with the exploit the boss was kinda too easy, just look at the amount of s50 done there already.
Cerebratacean: I thought the same until I learned how to position and deal with the glyphs, now I know the method to always get rear and always hit with all DD's (melee or distance). I'd need some images to explain, so if you want to know, hit me up on discord (Neze#1948)
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(This was supposed to be a reply but I messed up)
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