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We could use improvements on Tutorials

By Granthese#6501 - MEMBER - June 15, 2021, 09:25:00

More than once I find myself teaching friends in the game how to use the Builds System, class mechanics, shops.... so I noticed the game really lacks a good tutorial for these things, not only that, the tutorials aren't very... repeatable and kinda sudden, often popping up in the middle of something you want to pay more attention to. There is nowhere in the game you can "replay" or just check read-only versions of tutorials in the game, making many newcomers feel lost and confused as they will mostly skip certain tutorials they will only need many levels later.

Wouldn't it be good to have, I don't know, a shortcut to a list of tutorials all in read mode, in order of "unlocking" or relevance? Maybe even with class tutorials as well. The books you get when creating your class are a little bit vague and only give you a simple idea, but nothing that REALLY tells you what makes you tick.

Wakfu is a growing game, and with growth comes complexity, and it can be very discouraging to new players to enter a new world and be bombarded with obstacles because you forgot to check a vital piece of information a whole week ago.

EDIT: another thing, can we "revamp" old bosses just so their mechanics are a little more hinted? Many Bosses like in Xelorium and Moon are pretty much "good luck figuring us out, sucker!" While the new bosses are pretty much step-by-step on how to defeat and not die, save for Sumorse. I think we went from too complex to "holding hands" when we could find a balance.

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You can already access the tutorials in game by Pressing Shift + T

The existing ones could still use some touch up though. ^^
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Then we need a tutorial to access the tutorial xD
jokes aside, is there a quick list of hotkeys in the game? Most hotkeys I learned from directly clicking the buttons (since the devs cleverly have it when the button's name show up) but not EVERYTHING is a visible button in the UI, so what would I do to know ALL hotkeys?

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Speaking of tutorials, can I get a tutorial on ur team?! Looks really fun, a mask, xelor and steamer. Can I get ur build for them?!

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Sure, I'll PM you ^^

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