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Nation Gobball Warchief Skin

By LadyShuusui#7410 - MEMBER - May 14, 2021, 23:17:48

Hello everybody! 
As the title of the topic may suggest, I'm wondering whether it's still possible to obtain Bontarian, Sufokian, Brakmarian and Amaknian harnesses. If yes, how? I read that once they were possible to be bought for 2000 kamas from the Owl in each nation's HQ, with 500 Citizen Points.
After the last patch went live, how the mount-skin system works? Because I went to my HQ (I am a Bontarian Eniripsa ^^) and the machine only sells Dragoturkey harnesses.

Do these harnesses work on Gobball Warchief skin mount available in the shop too? I mean, I purchase the Dragoturkey harnesses, then I put them on my Gobball Warchief mount and suddenly it becomes a Bontarian Gobball Warchief? 

Thank you very much in advance, always have an amazing game experience! 


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From what I can tell, those nation skins for mounts are unlocked when you buy the harness.

You should be able to find them in your mount skin page to choose from.
Click on the pet inventory panel of the mount and you will have access to all the nation mount skin options.
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Yes, the merely Nation harnesses skin actually are 3-in-1, after you redeem with Patriotic Petsmount Token, you will obtain the skin for Dragoturkey , Dragosteed and Gobball War Chief all together. 

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Thank you very much for both the replies! biggrin 

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