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So are stolen landscapes supposed to take away training mobs in nations?

By HatedOne#5139 - MEMBER - May 11, 2021, 18:03:33

Trying to level up (solo player) and since I'm trying to adjust to the "new" system of amakna and astrub being the "low level areas", I'm seeing that the bonta controlled areas are turning the mobs in the area into outlawed attacks.

Is this supposed to happen with all stolen regions or is it specifically the angels doing it right now to be inconvenient?

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Yes, unfortunately even without Nation you get penalties but do not gain points unless you have lost them and gone down in rank. I hate when that happens, really bothers fighting things a lot.

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Why is that a system at all? It punishes everyone including those who don't want to participate at all who just want to farm when dungeons aren't an option.

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Yeah it is a dynamic system, but generally there are a variety of monster families in a given level range that you can fight against, so if a territory has been claimed and the monster family has been marked as protected you might have to switch to a different monster family for grinding.

You can also just choose that you don't care and fight the monsters anyway. You might get killed periodically by a nation guard if your score is low enough, but it won't matter unless you plan to join that nation in the future.

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Following Mishna's advice, if you're ever in doubt at where a monster family is, look for the dungeon of the desired level (Dungeon lists, hotkey D), it always have the family of monsters roaming around the entrance.

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