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Do you enjoy the "End Game" dungeon mechanics?

By Whiterummy#9535 - MEMBER - May 11, 2021, 06:55:19

Pretty straight forward question I suppose. I'm going to be honest I haven't really played the game properly since Enchantment because I absolutely HATE the idea of RNG gear progression and it killed basically all my desire to keep playing. Please don't bring up lowered resources and increased rates, it's like putting a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. But that's not what this is about.

I've been with Wakfu since Beta days and I can say that I really enjoyed the game and the dungeon mechanics but only up until about Xelorium. While I personally didn't like Xelorium I thought the dungeon mechanics were fair, fun and simple to understand. Enter Moon and suddenly everything is far more complicated. Mobs hit like trucks (in comparison older content) and the mechanics became very complex and not at all transparent. Of all of the dungeons I'd consider Croc the most fun simply because the mechanics were relatively simple. Koko and Kannibal are just not fun. The Zinit dungeons followed suit and it felt like the game became far too complex and too much work to try and understand how to do things. I'll be honest I stopped playing at that point just because it stopped being fun for me so I can't really comment on the newer content.

I'm not saying that things need to become easier, this is "End Game" content so it needs to remain challenging. One thing that would entice me to come back is if things were just simple and more transparent on how to approach things. I honestly think the developers do a tremendous job with everything but I also believe that because they made the content they know it inside and out and therefore their understanding of the mechanics is far more "simplified" than ours.

Of course this may all be a moot point because as I mentioned; I stopped playing because of Enchantment. Have things gotten better? Or do you find the content too complicated and hard to grasp? Maybe I'm not the market for the game anymore?

DISCUSS!!! Validate my opinions.

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As a matter of fact, I felt like the endgame content HAVE been more transparent and straightforward. Lets do a simple comparison to old endgame to current one:

Old Endgame:  Moon Island. 2 bosses with mechanical instakill, absolutely NO CLUE on their mechanic, Absolutely nothing saying what makes their invulnerability ticks, most dungeons requiring a high-lock Tank because the boss moving about is an absolute hazard to the team. Not until Dor'mor we got bosses actualy telling us what makes them hurt.

Current Endgame: Osamosa and Shhhhdoku Island. Not ONE boss with a mechanical instakill (although some have heavy hitters that, if not careful, can one-hit you, but without any disembodiment), their invulnerabilities are flat-out described step-by-step on their status (except Sumorse because Ankama was feeling sassy with their sense of humour, but it was still a simple mechanic to warrant the goofy challenge) and some mechanics are borderline "optional" (you can pretty much ignore the totems against Flamboyfallo)

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Lots of people do, I do not, and it's been like this for a long time now

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Although I am no where near endgame,
but its true its also my main reason of quitting the game then came back then quitting again,
an endless loop of coming back and quitting for at least 3-4 years, never able to go pass 156 dungeon due to dungeons had been locked to hardcore version since ages ago; either I don't have a full 6 team on heroes, or that the dungeons are too hard and/or too much grind needed for a 3 man team, or both.

Too stubborn to ask strangers for help or being carried, but also too frustrated learning mechanics while being thrashed by mobs left and right.

I know I am not alone cause I saw few topics in the past about being stuck pass 156/171 or higher dungeons, with hard mechanics or mobs hitting too hard, and then quitting because at that point, it became more frustrated than fun playing this game.

All that's left pulling me back is the nostalgia and the love of my characters, which are all at risk of being ruined anytime with any revamps planned and forced through by our dear dev, then that may be the time to really say goodbye.

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That is also the reason why I also stopped playing, because the mechanics are too complex and class-specific, its ironic that we are supposed to play a game and enjoy, but instead what they are designing is giving me a headache, especially the amount of effort and time needed to finish dungeons and craft items that deemed appropriate to face mobs.  

To me they should:
- Make the mechanics less complex. 
- Make the dungeons inclusive to all classes. 

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The mechanics in most Dungeons post-Moon are pretty straight-forward, and they are BARELY "exclusive" to any class. Although some bosses are not easy to have a high-lock Tank holding them down, usualy tank classes are also very good close-combat fighters, so swap the Rock passive for Carnage and go for it! But all these endgame bosses can be fought by virtualy any class if you remember teamwork, positioning and coordination. I mean, which class is feeling excluded from which boss anyway?

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I left the game too. I miss it but I can't deal with the horrible, awful, terrible enchantment system and the RNG thing.

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Granthese#6501|2021-06-15 08:45:13
I mean, which class is feeling excluded from which boss anyway?

well take two rogues along and watch one of them not be able to lay any bombs lol
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Thats two classes clashing together and a design flaw within each other, its completely different. In a game with 18 classes, having two of the same isn't necessarily a common event, and not all classes clash because of their mechanics! (heck, Eliotrope actualy help each other since they can share portals!)

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Give me a character slot to make a lock tank and I'll stick around longer.

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Super duper interesting question. HERES the thing. This game has very obvious design differences as time progressed. between 120-200, has a different philosophy. half of 200 and 215 have another, 120 and before also has another.

IMO it's just that when you hit 120, you're forced to change playstyle because the game no longer wants you to play a certain way, then at 215 it eases up again. What it seems like in 120-200, since the game was far less balanced across the board. They circumvented the entire problem by loading up damage in that area, so you actually just blow through content if you gear up properly..

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God I miss old wakfu so much, it was simpler, but way more enjoyable

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IMO, dungeons started becoming an issue once spell decks got introduced. Otherwise you'd have your character geared up with every possible spell, even the ones you barely ever use, and the rarely-used ones would be the ones that came in handy against said horrible bosses. Sram is a good example of having too many good spells but some being more situational than others.

And yes, before I quit, I also felt that Xelorium was the last best designed dungeon. Xelorium Past required a lot of planning and calculation and was actually unbelievably fun for me. Xelorium Present was less fun but still fun nonetheless. And also, Moon Island is where I really started considering quitting. It wasn't until the Zinit dungeons where I figured that the classes I had chosen as my favorites were inadequate, and too much grinding was required to make any real progress, and I quit just like you.

(That being said, I came back very recently and am not multiboxing. It's been fun as hell FINALLY being able to do stasts 50 with regular levels rather than being forced into competitive mode. Now if only they'd delete the Spell Deck system...)

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