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Tank- off-tan viable end game

By Tesirot#5637 - MEMBER - May 08, 2021, 23:36:11

Hi friends.
I would like to know which tank or off-tank is viable in end game.


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I've personally liked close-combat Fogger but that's not for everyone and most likely there are tankier options with more dmg as usual. It does seem like everyone prioritises certain classes over others, it shows. Every group I have joined to for dungeon has always the same classes. It's slightly boring considering how many classes there are to choose from and yet you only see the same 3.

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I think the same that you. I only see pandawas and fecas as tanks and would like to play another tank class, maybe an Iop, Fogger or another class that can serve as a viable tank. But I'm new and I don't know which class would serve as a tank.

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Granthese|2021-05-10 18:31:22
I'm biased towards Fogger and Pandawa. While Pandawa have that enviable positioning and the free 100 res buff when you go sober and the capability of being a good off-tank but also a good off-healer with a different build, I really enjoy Fogger's absurd amount of lock and easy burst damage, as well as some good debuffs like -15% damage and 10-60% incurable (needless to say a Fogger with a lot of lock is PERFECT for Bligthogre). I like to call Foggernaut the "Anchor Tank". An immovable object to take the blows from the unstoppable force.

I'm very happy to know that it is not only the classic feca and pandawa that I will see in end-game, since, it would seem like a pokemon tournament, everyone with the same team always. That is very boring, it feels like the classes are too many and only one thing should be played.
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I'm a novice with barely a few days of experience and i've found the Sacrier to be rather tanky, heck it even survived my AFK moments (doesn't have best wifi) so maybe that? (basically i'm saying Sacrier are solid enough that even a novice with internet problems can solo dungeons with it, thought i don't know if there's many Sacriers out there in end game)

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Sacrier is the tank with the best "oh crap, I'm screwed!" emergency recoveries since it can go well with berserker builds and that emergency health-steal and armor build. And since you have a Feca and a Sadi on your team, you have a solid "solo" trio, or "utility half" of a full 6-men team (basicaly, if you get only 3 Damage Dealers, you already provided full support to the team).

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