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Question about mounts

By TheMaskedd#2166 - MEMBER - May 07, 2021, 11:54:38

Hi, any1 know where can I get the Gradon Mount and the Gobbal Mount? I notice their skins are in the shop but don't know where to get the actual mount itself. Thanks for helping.

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The mounts your obtain in game can have any mount skins you buy for them.

The Gordon Mount/Gobbal Mounts are just Skins for what you already have, Say. Destruction DragominusBoowolfDragosteed and others. 

Regardless of what mount you have, you can use the skins on them.
Like these

This can be any thing underneath, A drago turkey, or boowolf.
The stats will remain as of it, and you can use the skin on them.

And No, you can't obtain the mounts in any other form for now since they are already sold as skins on the shop.
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Alrighty, I've never bothered to even think about using money to just obtain a single skin. Would be nice if these were achievable through gameplay instead of always behind pay-walls.

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There is some skin as reward from Achievement , Dungeons , Troupe  etc ... yes some skins will be by real money , or trought the marketplace but there quite a few free of anything that you can just unlock by playing 

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Really? what skins are those?

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