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Another of my Weird Thoughts

By Downhome - MEMBER - May 03, 2021, 02:38:44

As a lvl 215 player, and with more people hitting that ceiling, in all probability, I was wondering 'what next'? My harvesting is almost all at the 100 level. So...what next?

My boyfriend and I were just talking it over and One option (which would create all kinds of unwanted work for ANKAMA) would be, as opposed to again kicking player max up to a higher number, to create a 'new' game. Basically a higher level you transcend to, from WAKFU-as-we-know-it. I understand there are at east two versions of DOFUS floating around out there. This might be a chance to trot out some unused monster designs. maybe make the old Incarnum (hint-hint) the access portal from the present game to the next phase.

And this is illustrative of why I try never to think...

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Tehnically Waven will be a sequel to Wakfu, timeline-wise, but I doubt getting to lvl 215 in Wakfu will be a requirement to play it

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215 was a it of a disappointment. Improvement was always a big part of it for me. Now I'm 'there', and nowhere to go. Working on trades is something, but I'm topping those off rather quickly.  If I top level on those, it seems a bit like 'game over.' Assuming the other game isn't 'phone-specific (and out of my reach), I may shift over.

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