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Otomai Pilgrim Shoes recipe

By -Echidna-#3432 - MEMBER - April 06, 2021, 23:03:44
can we get this rebalanced? 2000 tear for a 185 craft is kinda ridiculous. 
new relic epic runes need 1k.  200+ crafts need few hundreds only.
it's utterly uncraftable due to its sheer cost alone. 12mk just for tears. average selling price 2-4mk
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How do you get the recipe to craft them? 
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doing otomai quest part 9.  moon dungeons and 20 boss drop each
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All of the craftables from the otomai scout quests are this ridiculous on the recipe. The next one is even worse. The dorabyss is pretty terrible all things considered (There's an equivalent non-epic hat from mineral tower minus the AP, and more efficient ways to get that extra AP from other epics) but crafts using two hats, both of which are intervention stele drops.
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Imo a lot of the things needs balancing. Collecting tons of materials to make something is just silly and time consuming. Not everyone plays 20 hours a day.
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Recipes like these are entirely uncraftable for casual player. especially if they dont play 6 maxed out als character to do s50.  low stasis dung 1-20 only gives 6-20 tear per person iirc. been a week into this month and ogrest progress is only half bar. assuming it takes another week to calm him down we'll have 2 weeks to get tear quest this month[lets assume each month onward will be the same]. solo player needs 8 month just to get the tear alone assuming they can get party and do daily tear quest getting 20 tear to craft this boots 2000 tear. with 6 maxed out char to do s50 dungeon you can get 450 tear a day, but then again you need 2 account booster and real good gears rolled + shards + sublimations. getting the blueprints alone is already hard as it is, and this doesn't feel rewarding at all since the blueprints are essentially useless. by the time you spend grinding for this tears you'll probably already out level the gear and would better off start using 200+ gears
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I'm a casual player, A lot of things are out of my reach completely. I can't even run my lvl dungeons because I simply can't defeat them :'D
Professions simply don't matter when you are casual player. It takes too long to level them, it takes too long to farm materials for items. It's just simply easier to BUY from the players rather than try craft yourself. 
I'd love to have account booster to get to play even with 3 characters same time. 1 Character and 2 sidekicks kind of sucks.
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I have these and I personally suggest not to craft them, try looking for other relics that are easy to get. Like Sives or BoW. 
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