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Is power leveling a bannable offense?

By Bournehh#6014 - MEMBER - March 24, 2021, 20:41:59

Hello, I'm a returning player from over 5 years ago and used to play Dofus back in the day.
It was pretty common to see people pay players some Kamas in exchange for assistance leveling up. However I've witnessed an argument between a couple of members in my current guild about whether or not power leveling or partaking in it is now a bannable offense if proof is shown. I'm unable to find any sort of rule which would prohibit this since it's an in game feature using in game currency. The person claims to have gotten someone banned for it and went on to insult the other who said he disagreed.

Could anyone deny or confirm this and if so show/tell me exactly where this is posted? Because in the terms and services I see nothing about it.

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power leveling always have been a thing in these kind of games, waay back on dofus when players used a sadida with poison and eartquake and inmunity to let the sadida alive everyone dead including rats but leveling easily and of couse players paid for that... but with kamas.

i honestly dont think could be a banneable ofense its not like you take a lvl 1 character to a 170 area kill a monster and they get 70-80 levels just for that as there exp locks so you have to be in certain lvl range to get exp. but as usual if someone want to powerlevel up its either will ask you kamas or rare drops from the mob.

but can be a banneable offense if you paid real money to someone to level you, either you have to be with them the time you paid for the service or using bots to control you account while they do the powerleveling. or abusing bugs to earn ludicrous amounts of exp.


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in summary to what this guy said:


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It's not.
It's a service which is agreed between two players with no bending of game rules in order to do so. 


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Hi there,

like Quetzalzok pointed out,

Power leveling is not considered an offense if it involves an interaction between players with exchange of items obtained in game.

It is however, considered a violation of the terms of use if the players acquire the said services through the exchange of real world currencies or goods and services outside the game.

It is also in violation of the Game-Rules and ToU if account sharing/exchange is involved.
In such case both parties involved (loaner and loanee) may be sanctioned.

If none of the related aspects of the game-rules and tou are violated in the process of providing and acquiring any services in game, Then it is regarded as normal interaction.



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As a new player when a friend offered to power level my character i wasn't sure what they meant at first, and it was helpfull, but also became boring after an hour or so, i don't consider it an offense, my friend just wanted to get my character to a high enough level to start doing alots of quests and basically help me advance till we could do some co-op, i would just say is something to do in moderation because it gets boring just standing there not contributing to the fight when it's already the 20th fight where you're just skipping turns (if the enemies even last that long), at least that's my opinion.

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In Dofus, I used to roleplay as a spy/trainer for Bontarians (during that time, the Brakmarians are the dominant faction with stagnant conflict because the Braks are way too high ranked). I sell honor ponts for kamas and makes millions of kamas in 2-3 hours power leveling honor wings to give Bontarians a fighting chance.... Until a moderator warned me that it was a bannable offence because just like experience power leveling, it was not supposed to be done that way. Honor points should be acquired in the usual and intended manner. Basically saying that I should participate in honor fight the way it is intended to be played and rigging PvP is not acceptable.

I guess moderators interpret the rules differently, or I don't play the game the way the moderators wants me to play it. So I stopped selling honor points and the honor system remain a stagnant one sided Brakmarian domination and eventually died off to oblivion.

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Hello Gunnerwolfang#2406,

Let me get the distinction clear here that this is not Dofus,

Regarding Merit farming in PvP,  It is indeed not allowed in both games due to it being a player vs player interaction. Abusing the same when there are already system level preventions built into the game (wakfu), to prevent that explicitly is indeed considered a violation.

Thank you ^^

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Is something that really should be forbidden in Wakfu but sadly it is not. Why? Because these days you find many high level characters that do not know a thing about dungeons mechanics lol, specially in the Spanish community, they seem to have a culture built in powerleveling. It really gets old when for the N time a random party you join is unable to beat a relative low dungeon like Srambad or even Empelol because the players are ignorant about the boss mechanics.

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I don't really see how you could enforce such a rule , and then would it also make it bannable to run a gobbal stasis 50 with hero system to level up new alt ? making them gain 6-8 levels per Dj runs ? cause that's the same thing with hero or done by a friend 

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Enforce what rule?
He said it it's fine unless you pay real money to someone or account share

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You can power level yourself through the hero system.

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Certain guilds, such as the one I'm in, discourage this, as it can deter lower level players from learning their spells, strengths and limitations.. A good fix is to drop your level so they have to carry their share of the fight.

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