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How to farm materials efficiently?

By Chrispbac0n#1261 - MEMBER - January 24, 2021, 03:37:40

Hello Community,

as a returning player I was wandering how you farm your materials for crafting efficiently nowadays, considering players are unable to plant or collect anything in the Heaven World.

Haven World farming was especially comfy for rare resources.

Any recommendations what to do?
Leveling in your heaven bag isn't an option due to the fact you gain no exp gathering or planting.

Thank you for answers smile


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Not sure why this calls for a thread. I think the answer is rather obvious. If you need experience and you want to make your harvesting efficient, you should go to the zones that have the resources you want, and establish a circuit. Try to find a circuit that's abundant in resources, and don't worry about touching every single node available. You only need to grab as many nodes as you can before the first one you tapped respawns.

Try to find times when players aren't harvesting, rather than attempting to compete with them, as there are downtimes for every single resource (as someone who is nearing max on every gather profession). Ideally have something like music or a podcast or something you can zone out on, and make your farming days the days where Almanax bonus is harvesting quantity + planting chance (if you need materials, otherwise do planting and harvesting exp Almanax days).

Best of luck to you. 

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anything related to lumberjack, helbalist, and farmer you can do comfortably in your own space with garden haven gems in your haven bag. some guild also gives access to their community bags for guild. the downside would be the planting chance which is lower, and i believe exp is affected there also. which you'll receive less or none. the good thing about this is you dont have to worry about your resource being stolen.

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He stated that he needs experience, which haven bags do not give any at all, and he even mentioned haven bags not being viable for this reason.

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Plant in open world zones. 
Hog a couple of field spots and just plant and harvest those repeatedly.

I only do that on Almanax Plant/Harvest days, then save the resources I've harvested for Craft XP days and craft them for more XP. 

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DamienFireheart|2021-01-24 09:47:20
He stated that he needs experience, which haven bags do not give any at all, and he even mentioned haven bags not being viable for this reason.

right, didnt see the part that said he needs exp. well it still is a good way to get the materials themselves, he can leave the plants unattended and not worry about them being stolen. 
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For me, when I grind for my Seal of Companionship, I just gather seeds/cuttings in the fields, and when I need the harvested stuff, I just plant them in my haven bag. That way, I can harvest them when I want to. Also grinding for your gathering professions is boring, I suggest you multibox, have a second account/character to do other stuffs (like quests, farming for souper-glous, farming for monster materials)

Also while leveling your harvesting professions (through gathering seeds/cuttings), every time cap'n acha spawns (the cat with the dice), i suggest you fail it, then go pop your haven bag, and cut down what item you need and have the cat spawn again for the free 40 material (I prefer cutting down trees with these, due to trees are harder farm)

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exploiting cap'n atcha is a great way to start, but keep in mind the number of nodes you want to harvest and the amount of gathering buffs you have. after a certain point (when you have a seal, noxine, tool, and food) it just becomes better to gather for 15 minutes until the food buff runs out than it is to exploit the good cap'n. not to mention in terms of producing massive amounts of resources quickly, you don't have time to wait around for him.

the captain visits during the act of creation, not before. don't wait for it - start alone.

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Well for me its anoying that werever i go there is a penalty for cuting anything ;;
And there is no good way fast get rid of negative points of reputation or see them in othere nations ;;

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The nations are now better fit for low and mid-level farming, especialy Amakna for farming and Bonta for Lumbering, Brakmar for Mining (although all undergrounds have good resources, by the way), so explore the map and use the button near the resource in the jobs tab to look for it's spawning location.

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