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By MiloAE - MEMBER - December 16, 2020, 12:25:53

Hi, is the game actually worth playing in 2k21? Before you answer with 

1. Yeah you just need booster so you can play with yourself
2. Ye sure if you're capped in every single aspect so you can push end game content ONLY
3. Yeah bro server is full of people ready to help you out, only 80% of the pop is alt accounts, not a big deal
4. Server merge happened, so go ahead and look out for people yourself wink wink
5. Yeah

Now that trolls are sorted, how about you tell me the current state of the game.

I would love to start fresh experience, from 1 to 215, without booster, without anything.

How would that work, is there anyone "new" or anyone leveling alts looking for dungeons or anything ?

How long would it take me? What's the dungeon xp ratio, exploring new areas xp, quests xp and so on.

Am i limited to play one up to three classes only cause every other class is bad and not really useful.

Is there anyone willing to actually play this game and not only sit afk.

How do you get items, what's the economy on the server, is it broken and too demanding on "kamas" for new players.

What profession should i focus on, how can you make money not praying to gods you drop something from dungeons.

And last, is Wakfu even fun to play anymore.

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How long ago did you quit? since you have a 195 character I can't say too much has changed overall with the feel of the game.
what matters is your attitude, if you come in expecting people to pull your leg and tell you negitive things you wont find an answer you are happy with.

non-booster 1-215 is a commitment, I'd say that type of leveling is more suited to someone very casual who is in no rush or someone looking for a challange. The exp curve is explained here .
how long it will take depends on you but it is definitely made better since 200 was max .

The rest is down to how you feel.
No class is bad since they all work in their own way.


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My attitude is that of a fresh player, having 195 character or no means nothing.
I barely finished the "anime" and i want to experience the world of twelve.
Commitment? Sure got that plenty, i mean i was playing WoW so...
How i feel? That of a new player.

Also you barely explained anything i asked.

For two years exactly
Or do you consider logging in, saying "i'm alive'' and logging off every month playing.


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I myself started a new toon in order to "test the waters" before I decide to return to the game, as I also have a level 19x character. 

Level 120 - 140 is still hell and barren af. 
People rather use the hero system to level themselves than party with others for some reason.
Dungeon finder is eternally borked.
NO ONE does Flax torm anymore because the XP rewards past 160 is just doodoo, so yu can't even get daily runs. 

150 - 170 
Maps are barren, yur pretty much stuck doing Enviro quests and the occasional player which runs by. 

170 - 180 
Moon still has players, thankfully

180 - 200
Yu really have to get a guild with high levels and hit guildmates up for content. 
Even then, its a hit or miss because people who actually make it to high level and are still playing the game either : 
1. Has a heroes team and basically doesn't need anyone to run anything with
2. afks and plays Battleground instead.

All of these in combination has really halted my full-dive back into Wakfu, but I do pop in once in awhile to chill and kill some mobs before logging off. 

Wakfu is an extremely unfriendly game to solo players, ironically due to the fact they introduced systems for players to effectively solo the game, as well as their ever broken dungeon finder.

Wakfu needs a good Dungeon finding system ASAP, not having one seriously kills the game for a majority of the playerbase. 

If Wakfu ever opens a server which disallows heroes system similar to Dofus' Solo Server system, I'm freaking moving immediately.
I love sidekicks but I really hate heroes because it just turns people into solo-ists.

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So basically, you're saying that if i want to play this game i have to bring my friends with me, or get a booster that let's me play 3 chars at the same time.... Aha okay

Dungeon finding system NEVER worked period.

So even after the server merge, no one does old content and the game is based on endgame only. 

You basically told the truth everyone else tried to hide, i applaud to you sir.

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