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The macawaker's Lost flame. how i got it?

By Lightus#4001 - MEMBER - December 10, 2020, 12:39:29
so the flamelet is the mob that drops the lost flame, it appears in enviremental quests.

i basically got it yesterday, i cut some trees, some cuttlings, planted trees, fought different mobs, planted different ones, did 3 enviremental quests successfully then went to dungeon, i beat it and came outside and saw the quest was on, looked a bit around and found one and killed it.

so what i understood is that you first make sure the eco is perfect then perform all different actions u can do and do enviremental quests succefully. i believe that played a role to make the env quest for the macawaker's flame appear, and maybe the dungeon wasnt necessary at all but do it if u can do it fast.

that was my experience and i got the flame in a few hours like that. dont spend your time running around cuz u wont find any if the env quest for it is on
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The eco doesn't need to be perfect for the Lost Flame one specifically, just Hordes. You should be able to find this quest and complete it if you're just patient and check back regularly.
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i am not asking how, i just shared how i got the flame in the same evening i was looking for it. 
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i've been afk on calamar the past 2 days, all my awake hours, checking for the env. quest. must have killed more than 10 flamelets already and still trying. most of the time the ecosystem was at 3 stars and out of paranoia i even tried different things like: ranged damage, melee damage, use only specific elements, plant tons of mobs to get the wakfu/stasis gauge in the +wakfu.
i've got this pet 2 times in the past and it wasn't so difficult. making us wait for the rare env. quest was definitely a change for the worse.
the worst part is that the quest description hints that its possible to lure it somehow, but really, it just seems random.

update: after 2 more flamelets i finally got it. i used water spell from melee range, but i doubt that had any influence.
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You just finally got lucky. Now try for Mining Whisperers, which I assume to be bugged since Iroko moved it to bug reports.
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