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Ecaflip or Huppermage

By Daikiri46#9209 - MEMBER - November 16, 2020, 20:55:10

Between those two as Damage Dealer, wich one hits harder?
I'm looking for a DD and can't decide between them.

Thanks in advance! :

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That's debatable. Ecaflip hits incredibly hard, but as the class concept should tell you, is not reliable.

Huppermage, meanwhile, has reliable high damage, but it requires complicated setup, usually a 2-turn setup. You build QB and Runes by using your weaker elemental spells, and then you spend them to burst with your heavy-hitting Light spells.

It really comes down to playstyle. Do you like to gamble big for huge damage in a single turn, or do you want a complex class with a lot of versatility and damage that involves setup and spell combinations to achieve your results?

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Not exactly, you can build a low QB set to activate heart of fire and use your strongest elemental spells like Wallop and Light opf Dawn.

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if dice is 6 it is Ecaflip but huppermage is cool with 4 elements too.
Eca hasnot got a average value for damages but you can always hit average damages with hupper.

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just try both and check which one  u prefer 

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