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By Nelxon - MEMBER - November 15, 2020, 18:15:38


I haven't played this game in like 2 years, thinking of comming back to it, but I have some question I have before doing it!

1st- Can you still have 1 char and 2 heroes at same time? and does it cost more than normal booster?

2nd- What are the best PvM chars? and if it is still possible to use heroes what would be a great 3man team?

3rd- Is it hard to find people to play with? I remember that I left because everyone either were way lower lvl than me or way higher so I couldn't find ppl to play with.

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1. Normal Booster has now been upgraded and costs more. You can use 2 heroes and 1 character with the booster. 
2. Best PVM team in my opinion is sadida, sacrier and elio. There are many different teams you can try out like sadida, panda and xelor.  
3. You can just ask around. 

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How would those teams work? Is that 1 tank 1 dps and 1 healer?

And would that team be able to play from lvl 1 to endgame?

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Specialname|2020-11-15 18:58:59
Sadida gives armor and healing. Sacrier/Panda is the tank and can do some damage. Elio gives portals and mobility as well as some damage. You can do most dungeons under level 110 with a team of 3. You can still get to endgame with a team of 3 easily. Dungeons above level 110 is harder if you are fighting by yourself.
Randalt|2020-11-15 13:52:36
How would those teams work? Is that 1 tank 1 dps and 1 healer?

And would that team be able to play from lvl 1 to endgame?

So I'll use tank panda and support sadida!

My other char should be elio? or is others that are better?

I'll check some guides after to see how it goes!
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I was checking my acc! I have panda eca fogg and eni arround 130~140!

I can make other chars from scratch no prob, but of those I should only keep panda?

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If you're planning to go late game, I'd recommend

Sadi (+DMG%, -DMG%, -Resist, Heal, Armor, Minor Positioning, Off-Tank/Locker, Doll Build which is needed in Ogrest & Osamosa Pig Dungeon, sadi is the most versatile Support right now because of the wide range of kit avaialble to it)
Panda (Primary Tank / Positioning, straight up the best in it's main role, you can ignore Damage entirely, focus on Tanking, Locking, and Positioning)

You'll have several options for Damage Dealer
Melee can be:
Sram (Highest damage output period when setup for Backstab with Panda)
Iop (Second Highest damage output, near as good as Sram when setup with Panda)
Ouginak (When built right, the damage output is just as competitive as the other two)

Distance can be:
Cra (The highest and most consistent damage output, also the least complex among all Distance class, Iop Brain of Distance Class, it gets better when you have Panda doing all the setup)
Foggernaut (Requires build up over several turns, but the damage output can rival or even be better than Cra when built & played right)

Don't let anyone fool you about Xelor. It may feel fine at mid-game. But once you've reached the competitive level, the numbers speaks for itself. Xelor has one of the Lowest Damage per AP ratio among all Damage Class, when given the same specialized end game equipment, the damage will never be as high as other equivalent well built Distance Class.

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I see, so I can use my 140 panda, my 90 sram and make a sadida. 

I haven't been able to find a good guide for tank panda or support sadida.... 

Gotta do some trial and error stuff

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