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How are you so good at this game?

By Arkytehevil#2681 - MEMBER - October 28, 2020, 10:44:13

Some of the stasis and number of turns to win is insane.  To me, I can't see how its even possible.  Do I need a perfect team with perfect gear all with the right sublime and all 4 perfect sockets.  Or is there a super hidden secret?  Even on lower stasis, do I need 80 res and 2k masteries for like level 80 or 125 dungeons?  Is there a quest that gives me a permanent mastery and res bonus that I don't know about? 

Now that the merge happened its almost impossible to compete with people who are already geared to help gear myself.  Ive already pretty much forfeit the idea of getting into any rankings anymore.  I need to be insanely geared now.  And then the market just isn't working.  No one is buying anything I post so I can't even make money to potentially buy any gear.

Are there class exploits that I need to know about?  Any broken classes that are more overpowered than others?

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It's a mix of hard work + good luck. The biggest turning point is once you start doing s21+ dungeons and you start dropping much better gear than s20- dungeons. At this point you start to drop breakable gear and so you can get 4 rune slots easily and a few epic/relics here and there. Of course, it's much easier to reach this point if you started playing for quite some time and you had powerful gear already from the previous level tier.

As for the s41+ and s50 runs: we are leaving the gear zone a bit and reaching the luck department. The s41+ runs are basically more about strategy and careful planning with a big touch of luck. If you watch replays you will most of the time see that some very unusual things are happening there, either related to the strategy or some mob getting killed with just enough damage, stuff like that. We are talking about perfect rounds. People will only show you their best success, but behind the success usually comes a bunch of trying.

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I get it, it is just frustrating some times.  I feel like I put in a time and I see no progress what so ever...

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Arkytehevil|2020-10-28 15:13:21
I get it, it is just frustrating some times.  I feel like I put in a time and I see no progress what so ever...

Are you trying to do the uberbosses? or is this regular dungeons? Some dungeons like whisper crisper is super easy to do on stasis 50 if you know the trick of blocking the boss. I have used a full team of "autobuild" to do whisper crisper on stasis 50 before. Other dungeons will require perfect build and team setup and strategy. Most dungeons on stasis 50 do not require "luck", but absolutely perfect plays. 
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To my understanding team composition and turn order of teammates also makes a great difference. If a panda goes first after boss's turn he can give teammates the bosses back for the entire round or put them in certain spots required for mechanisms (e.g. mollusky to prevent wp gain). These things make or break a round.

Your team will have to coordinate well enough. You have to know roughly how your party member's classes work so you can better aid them in boosting their damage through buffs/positioning/rescue/burst turns etc. Even choosing when to revive a character can break a run by changing the turn order of an essential team member.

With the feca revamp, for e.g.. so many buffs are conditional on your party member not doing certain things that if they don't bother checking their own stat screen they will waste your buffs and hence your AP.

​​​​​With stasis 21+ or bosses with mechanism (even as early as mineral tower or strich) you should not longer look at characters and gear individually but instead on the party as a whole

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You can almost run 40+ stasis with any class assuming you have the roles covered. There is a masq healer in 40+ stasis for dungeons.

When you want to do a dungeon, you specialize your team for it then spam it. That's how the game is designed. To give an example,  badger dungeon deals air and earth damage, so why have fire and water? You could literally run dungeons with 40% resist in water and fire, and  82%+ air and earth resist.

That's how high stasis people run their dungeons. Before every dungeon they're about to spam they go to enchantment stone and change their gear runes to match the dungeon. You could also match your sublimations and build to it as well.

I very much prefer to play casually and not go the extra mile, planning out my day on wakfu.

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Thats a lot of helpful advice.  I didn't even know that and just tried to balance everything as best as I could.  Heck, I just learned the other day that you can use an Eni to trans a mob you don't want to deal with for a turn, like a boss or something.  Thank you

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A lot of help from my boyfriend and guild.  Until recently, if anyone had told me I'd be lvl 213 in just under 2 years, I'd have laughed at them.

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