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Party for 3 synergy help

By WintergreenSpear#1529 - MEMBER - October 22, 2020, 09:55:10

Hello. I was just wondering if my party synergy is good enough to do the 100+ content. My current party setup is:
Sacrier (main), Eni (heal), Dragon Osa (DPS). Right now I feel like its lacking since my sacrier dies fast if I don't put the Rock passive. Eni heals but I felt like a Sadida can support my Sac more with heals and armor? And I'm not sure about Osa. I first made my Osa as a summoner type but I switched to dragon because summon seems to do less dps and not really flexible inside battles. 

Any input on this would be of great help.

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Team is solid for ~level 100 Stasis 11 - 20 PVE content. It has Tank/Bruiser sac, Heals/support Eni and Damage/support Osa. 

Your issues with the Sacrier dying and Osa DPS probably have more to do with your gear, build paths, and play style, than the team comp. 

You might need to share more info on those 3 points for your characters so people can give you more detailed advice. 

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My gears are pretty much just what I got while grinding. I'm planning on farming solomonk soon as soon as I can manage to clear it with my party.

For my sac, it has points on 20 strength points in melee mastery and the rest I put in health For fortune I put 20 on block and the rest on berserk. I also got a few points on barrier. My sac actually survives pretty well if I just use the Rock passive as I previously mentioned but I'm not sure if this is the right way to build a tank/dps sac since dipping below 50% is hard. The way I play sac is to just use sacrifice turn 1 and try to survive while trying to do damage.

For my osa, it has 20 points in distance and 8 points so far in are mastery. 20 on crit and I'm putting the rest on critical mastery. The way I play my osa is to use mostly boowolf fury, croak for aoe and whip/crow for single target. I occasionally use my jelly summon but its more of a liability since it blocks view.

My eni is actually my most consistent character but I'm unsure if I should keep her and replace her with sadida for armor application on my sac + heals. 

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As an Eniripsa main, I've found that both classes ( Sac + Eni ) have a good synergy but since Berserker Sacriers preffer to stay under 50% HP and they have a mechanic where the lower the HP they have the harder they hit, you might find yourself "wasting" your heals and just buffing your allies damage or, in some cases, overhealing them disabling their BK bonus. I am more inclined to recommend you a Sadida due to how their shields are stronger now and can protect the BK bonus of the Sacrier while healing every now and then, plus they can provide a wider support than Eniripsas (res and damage debuffs, positioning, linking enemies to the Voodooll, etc) who mostly specialize in Heals. 

Even so, there are some neat things you can do with your Eni. For example:

  • you can apply Regeneration on the Sacrier to counter the res debuff from Bold Punishment.
  • Some Eniripsas don't know about this but if you mix Sacrifice + Pain Flask you can do a combo which greatly reduces the damage from the link. I don't know the math behind this but the damage taken by the Sacrier is reduced by 80% while the Eni is totally safe.
  • Remember to apply Trascendece on a critical enemy or the boss to silenve them during a whole turn. This is important if you need to set up a strategy.

Also, most Eniripsas tend to just spam I vigorating and Revitalizing word the whole fight reducing the potential of the class. Here Mark is specially useful to keep a whole team alive without spending too much APs on heals and is a great WP regenerator (you can go from 0 to 6 in one turn). Refund Mark, under UR, can apply a massive heal around the carrier of the mark and has an awesome combo with the Cooney. Hmill Mark is good on Melee allies and specially useful on a Support Eniripsa since it uses the carrier's stats to calculate the damage and not yours, even with the dmg debuff from Medicine you can help the team with some damage while increasing your Sacrier's lock.


In general, since your Sacrier uses Rock, I feel that you are lacking damage and relying on your Osamodas too much to clear enemies. I'd suggest you to avoid using that passive for now and try to go for a more aggressive playstyle, usually killing speed is more useful than stalling. In this case, since you would be receiving more damage, you can keep the Eni on your team but I'd recommend you to use some of the tips given before and see how it goes.

As for your Osamodas... I don't play the class a lot but if I recall correctly they can capture a Rat from the Monk Island which has good damage. The Captain Chaffer also is a good option since it can buff the whole team's damage by 20 or 30%.

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Thank you very much for your input. My eni has been pulling her weight and I really don't wanna see her go, but given how she's pretty much just healing and marking during the fight, it seems like sadida really does have more utility for this party setup. The eni tips are all new to me though so I'll give it a go first and see if it synergizes well.

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Osa main here. Your build looks path is solid and your gear is good enough for PVE. Theres room for a few hundred more total mastery but I don't think thats a huge problem.

I think your Osa experience could improve a lot though if you started playing with summons again. A lot of Osa's damage, utility, and outplay potential comes from having a summon on the field. Level 110 has at least three excellent choices that can match your Osa's damage output (Occushu, Mint Jelly, Whispered Crackrock). The Occushu is also one of the best utility kits offering +ap and healing skills, while the Crackrock has a spammable push that can help u position or disengage. 

It sounds like your issue isn't with the summons specifically, but maybe your understanding of spell effects, ranges, and line of sight as well as knowing your summons' spells, ranges, and available combos. To make the most of this class you have to know your kit, along with the kits of dozens of different summons, so I think its fine if it feels clunky to you at first. Spend some time memorizing the ranges and LoS of your spells and don't give up on the summons!

Once you pretty much know what spells you and your summons can use, they shouldn't end up being in your way. Unlike Sadida dolls, you only have one Osa summons and you control it. That one summon does significant damage even if you are using Dragon form. Not summoning is just leaving tons of free dps and utility in your gob gob.

Osa also has several spells to set up the field for their summons, as well as niche buffs to give their summons mobility when they need it so it really shouldn't end up blocking you.

Since your Osa goes first on your team you should be able to summon your monsters in a favorable area to both buff them and do damage on turn 1. You can use Scaraleaf first to better set up mobs for a summon+croak/boowolf combo. You can also (rarely) use scaraleaf to give your summon dodge to move around.

More importantly though, you have access to Animal Synergy at 110 which allows you to cheaply reposition your summon or swap places with it. This spell is pretty core in osa's kit and later on the 2ap cost is removes making it pretty spammable. 

You can also use Bwork to give more MP, which combos well with Scaraleaf's dodge, but in general I don't think wasting AP on giving ur summon mobility is usually good. The best solution is to know ahead of time where you will summon and buff for maximum damage, then reposition as necessary with animal synergy, and plan out what combo your summon will use so that it can be effective and end its turn in a spot that allows your sacrier to get into the fight.

Heres the spell deck I use for 110: 787-1429-1754-1755-737-731-726-735-741-744-746-5449-1756-4956-5465-725-0-0

I hope this addresses some of the issue with your summons getting in the way. If it doesn't feel free to let me know a little bit more about what is happening and I'll try to help out. 


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Thank you. I'll try incorporating summons on my fights now. Thank you for the tips on monsters to catch. 

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