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Personal Server Merge experience.

By Enigma - MEMBER - October 19, 2020, 03:00:22

I thought to take a moment to share my brief experience so far with the merge: The variety of gear is fantastic, prices are reasonable and I'm slowly learning Spanish. biggrin Adding a third language never hurts!

A lot of lag though in heavy populated areas. Have to reboot the game on several occasions due to that. (See reference guide shared by TibiAPAC below)

Overall, I'm happy.

What about you? Share your experience!

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In open worlds, archmobs spawn rate are just too low, as you would wait 3 hrs to spawn one. The quest on Ruel request is dragging. 

Besides, big community can lead to 2 ways in environment: the good side is higher possibility to complete Horde or Collaboration quest, while bad side is destroyed ecosystem tend to more difficult to restore. 

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I agree! Archmobs were already slow to spawn before the merge in my opinion.

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I've found that ever since Ive increased my ram to Wakfu I haven't had a blackscreen yet and my fps is higher. There's a guide here in French on how to do it but the google translate is good.

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Thanks for linking the guide! The java platform was the culprit all along.

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I love to see people everywhere (almost everywhere) and I'm happy to see the marketplace full of various resources and items smile

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i think there should be more hordes available. only 10 hordes for the amount of players in some areas. maybe because im coming from a smaller server where we were able to get like 2 3 hordes, but now I cant even grab 1

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Indeed, they should fix the Ecosystem first and then the environment quest. Example the can add manual activate quest like Thirster, but less resources needed in lower tier, for whoever want to trigger a horde or collaboration quest.  

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