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Team composition question

By LassCP - MEMBER - October 16, 2020, 00:29:08

I have an account with a level 200 Osa, Cra and sram and I decided to create a second account with 3 more characters to complete the areas where my team is lacking, which 3 classes should I use?

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Probably a main tank, off/main supp (depends on how you currently play your osa and the coming revamp), and w/e else you want.

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All three of my characters are dps oriented which means my party is really lacking in  the tankiness/support/utility needed to do late game dungeons. So what I wanted to know is which classes best supply these things in a late game scenario?

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you can't go wrong with pana eni enu

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I would say for late game you would do best with something like 2 damage dealers, 1 tank, and 2 supports, and one wildcard. In your case, it seems that cra and sram take up the DD spots, and Osa fits with 3rd DD, so I recommend finding a tank and 2 supports.

For the tank I would recommend pandawa. Very solid tank and extremely versatile positioner, which is even more useful in late game content.

For the supports, I can recommend a range of classes. Ideally the two classes you choose can heal, armour, and buff or debuff. Some strong support classes are:

  • Eniripsa (healing, buff & debuff)
  • Sadida (healing, armouring, buff & debuff)
  • Masqueraider (healing, armouring, buff & debuff)
  • Enutrof (very strong debuff)
  • Feca (armouring, buff)

I am not too familiar with enutrof and feca (and I don't know about osa at all) so I strongly encourage you to experiment and see what works best. Eniripsa+sadida will give you pretty crazy survivability; I would recommend against feca since in my experience it synergizes better with melee classes and you have 2 ranged damage dealers. It might even be a good idea to take another osamodas built for support. Once again, I don't have that much experience so I would recommend you to experiment.
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I don't see Sacriers mentioned? Are they bad? I'm running with Sacrier, Eni, and Osa and got them to 100 recently. Did I made a mistake?

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Sacriers are fine, but they were speaking to the OP who already had a Scram, Cra, and Osa for DPS.  Sacriers are better hybrid tank/dpses, whereas Pandas are better for control-tanking and fecas more support-tanking, so it's not really needed for them to make a sac as their tank.  They could, just might be better to pick one of the others.

Eni is great for healing/support and osa is good too, though if you are using both as healers, you might want to consider speccing one of the two more into damage dealing.

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