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How far can I go using just sidekicks?

By Guop - MEMBER - October 14, 2020, 01:27:02

I can't pay my subscription every month. So I thought about playing with four sidekicks, then i want to know how far in the game i can go using just sidekicks.

thanks in advance.

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If you're referring to solo play and the Zinit questline, (don't quote me on this, but) I believe you can make it to the Rikiki Wand artifact before you need to team up with other players. I think that's the first puzzle with a multiplayer requirement, but I could be wrong.

Also, I'm pretty sure you can only have a maximum of two sidekicks active in your group at a time.

That being said, if you're talking about levels and don't mind grinding for exp/joining an active guild to team up with other players, you can absolutely make it all the way.

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This is actually an interesting topic.

Personally, as an Eniripsa main I love teaming up with Hyppolyre and Protoflex due to the great synergy that the 3 of them have. For example, I've been able to farm big groups of Moon monsters alone including invasions (and it used to be better when Hyppolyre could trigger the Here Mark) and Dreggons groups of 3 or sometimes 4 since level 190ish. I've completed some dungeon but there are some places that require very specific roles that Sidekicks can't fully fullfill specially positioning, I find the damagers a little bit lacking and you will most likely end up picking support ones such as Krosmoglob, Drop Knight or Hyppolyre due to their potent healing and buffing abilities.

Now, if you are willing to create a secondary account or play with a friend to have a team of 6 (2 sidekicks each) your chances improve greatly. There is a thread on the spanish forum about a player showing his achievements with them. He has done end-game dungeons (this thread was made before Osamosa) usually on normal difficulty including the Boss Room. Note that the player isn't maxed out and is doing the dungeon within the level bracket.

Here are some pics of the victories:

Here is the link to the thread. There are more pics there:

Have fun! huh
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Hey, this was what i was looking for and I'll try something alike! Thank you xD

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Oh man, the memories. Grasping victory with the loyal sidekicks felt like beating a Dark Souls boss for the first time cool. I hope you get good results with the sidekicks you choose to add to your team!

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This thread inspires me. 

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Sidekicks deserve more love! ANKAMA RELEASE LEAF KNIGHT PLEASE

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