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Hardware specs of the new servers

By Ricardoflip#3965 - MEMBER - October 13, 2020, 18:06:01

Out of curiosity, could you share the specs of the new servers?

Thank you.

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First Ankama intervention

A lot.

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A lot.

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[Ankama]WAKFU-Prod|2020-10-13 14:13:14
A lot.

: (
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Scaling hurts, but that's life. Congrats for the merge, devs o/

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super computer now are needed to play wakfu? wich are the requirements now?, game went to /&$/% you can ask anyone in game :T are there going to be some changes or good luck to us now?

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The requirements for playing wakfu remains the same. Server merge only brings in more players in the view of the user. So things should run just fine.

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three fiddy

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Hi Ricardoflip,

We upgraded it to be Gobball-proof.


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Sounds great. smile

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From former peaceful nostalgia, it become serious crazy latency spike in almost everywhere travel... Almanax temple always blackscreen loading... Ecaflipus stuck, from Astrub center stuck, Kelba stuck... nation zaap stuck... drago-express stuck... to market place stuck... ahhh, even boat also stuck...barely to move between cell now :[ Please, can we have an option to hide people? 

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