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Generally Disappointed

By Adventurer-Z - MEMBER - October 10, 2020, 19:59:59

I first played about 4-5 years again, on a prior account. Having come back to the game at my sister's insistence, I have to say the redesign of the game has, for me, significantly diminished its appeal. Everything has gotten too strongly compressed.

There was a time that you got the feeling of actual scope, and it could take 5 minutes to cross a territory. That contributed to the overall experience of actually being in the setting and doing more than dashing through, harvesting and killing a few monsters before going on, like some Grand Tour directed by the Marx Brothers.The outposts were simple and direct.

Now 3-4 zones are shrunk and slapped together around unnecessarily complex and largely pointless cities. I will credit Ankama for removing a huge number of NPCs which had only added to the clutter, as opposed to giving the feeling of a living community. If they had remained, the merger of the servers would have been utter chaos.

Similarly, Incarnum has suffered and lost the inspired design ingenuity of the older form. You have three rather dull types of creatures and a dungeon. No Sokay, pandawa training area, etc Also no need tor canoons. The new incarnation (forgive the pun) was interesting for  short while, but it quickly palled for me. Now, if I work up a new alt to try, I pray it will start in Astrub and that I can avoid Incarnum if at all possible..

Even the revised Sadida Kingdom, while if gives, in places, the feel of the series,  is a bit of a letdown, relying on visuals vs. a sense of real scope. Again, I used to spend a significant amount of time there, but now I only visit for a few minutes to get elements. Fortunately, Pandalucia is still working for me as a setting.

Granted a project needs to evolve to maintain exiting players, but I'm afraid it's devolved in many areas, as I see it.

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Couldn't disagree more with you. They streamlined the game in so many ways for newer players and I just feel as though you're nitpicking really superfluous areas of the game that aren't really as important as they should be to you.

Every update this game gets more refined. You don't even mention the new enchantment system or anything. You just gloss over it and seemingly write the game off as "devolving", but pretty much only reference visual assets.

The game still has problems, but what you're talking about isn't even on my mind in regards to what's actually wrong with the game in its current state.

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Actually... not so long ago I got 5 friends to try the game with me, and they left after a month, astrub is boring, there are only 3 lvl 36 dungeons (not counting the Mineral Tower since almost no lvl 36 players go there) all in Amakna and ALL of them with broken resistance mechanics, and what can I say, as someone who played the whole low level process with them, the "new" low level experience was definitely more frustrating and overall "unfun", back in 2014 when I discovered the game the low level experience was really cool, everything was a new adventure, you found players in front of a dungeon and went in together...

I don't know, I do not agree with what the author of the post said, but I would not say that Wakfu is better now that it was back then, sure it got some quality of life improvements but I could live without most of them if they gave the chance to play on older versions... almost always the simpler solution is the best solution

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I understand your frustration towards a more "streamline" approach the game has taken. From my opinion, considering I have been around since character max level was 95, the game feels better and smoother if I put myself in a new players shoes. I remember I was on my own to figure the game out but not all players are self-reliant and need a guideline at some point. The nations all had their unique designs true but overall the game systems have evolved at a risk of losing players disliking change.

It is easy to fall into the negative. I look at the positive and I enjoy the game for what it offers right now. I believe there are more important matters to fix at this time. 

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That's rather the point. I left the game at around level 185, due to commitments. Ive come back as essentially a new player, and it's just not as fun as before. Coupled with the fact that I've encountered more toxic behavior in the game than two or three years back. Another player recently got into my sister's account and stripped it bare.

Thanks, I think she started the complaint process but she was in the hospital when this took place and is again not doing well. I mean, they took over 7 million kamas, all her gear, her mount, and every pet hey could access. I'd seen toxic behavior in the past, but never seen or hear of anything like this. Her guild is trying to help her rebuild, though. Good people.

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Best case scenario would be to link up with Flatops and give him your player base experience with the content and he'll transfer it to the proper department. After that, your guess would be as good as mine. Most likely wait for enough player data to accumulate to change things.

As for your sister's account, contact Flatops as well.

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I disagree on Sadida. The old version was a big chunk of NOTHINGNESS, just a big, shapeless forest with no point in half it's zones, and now its clearly divided in a city, the Bubourgs area and the subterranean with the Gerbeans dungeon, the whole map is literaly bigger but also more well-put together and the palace is just MASSIVE. One thing Ankama improved was making maps. Old ones like Srambad and Xelorium feel kinda pointless, all you do is go from Zaap to Dungeon and nothing changes, Osamosa and Pandalucia now have very stark contrasts between their zones so you can immediatly tell by the change in background art and music.

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As someone who was returning to Wakfu every couple years over last 8 years, I have never been hooked up as I am right now. The game is finally playable for me - from performance optimization to abundance of choices on how to level up.

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Have to say I also completely disagree with your assessment.

Not only is the updated map an improvement from an aesthetic standpoint, the layout is far more intuitive. I think people all too often inflate the value of an "expansive map" when, in reality, it's often just a really large plot of land without much thought put into the content on that map. Running from end-to-end in 10 minutes without seeing another player or interacting with your surroundings isn't "quality gameplay" or "immersion," it's just bad game architecture. 

I recently came back after quite a long hiatus and have been pleasantly surprised with how streamlined this game has become. I'm sure this game is not without it's flaws, as eluded to above, but in this particular department they've certainly nailed it. 

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My issue is navigation. If I need to locate a prison other then the one in Brak, I can spend ten minutes running around. I also take a lot of wrong turns within the cities. My chief gripe, though, is having areas that were once substantial reduced to being essentially suburbs of the city. As I say, any sense of 'real world' scope just isn't there for me.

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