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Rumours about the server merge

By Barberman - MEMBER - September 27, 2020, 20:22:55

Hello. I'm from Elbor, but I like to read the international forums from time to time. But I need to ask about this topic here, because I won't find anything in Elbor forums.

There has been some rumours about the servers merge, like if you don't have like ALL your characters over certain level, you can lose any character who doesn't fill the requeriments (like having certain level and so on). As time passes, the list of requeriments grow (they started to say level 30, now level 100, now you need to have the story quest up certain point).

This is escalating quickly. I need to ask just for confirmation. I don't believe in these "requeriments" and I feel easy about this topic, but if I have some kind of official proof, that would help me to calm the mass hysteria unleashed in the spanish community.

Thank you for your time.

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They only said that lvl 30 was the reqitement for the test merge on the beta server, which we dont know if it will be a requirement for actual merge, the rest are just made up.

The merge will be after the patch on tuesday and before the patch after that (so presumably some time next month).
The requirements, if any, will be announced here on the forum before the actual merge, don't worry.

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Finally... Finally it's happening...

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Hello Barberman,

The team will be releasing a post with details about the merge soon.
Stay tuned.

Thank you, ^^

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It would be absurd to have characters simply deleted because of not meeting certain level criteria, what would happen to market or mule chars for storing drops? All their stored stuff in haven bag and inventories would be lost just like that? I don't think they do anything like that.

I guess they did that to avoid all those abandoned and SPAMbots level 1 characters during the tests, for speeding the testings up.

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No, the inventory will simply move to Haven Bag Chest temporary Tab. (The ones where you can only take things out, and not put things in)

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