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How, when and where does one drop Epics and Relics?

By TruthSeeker1 - MEMBER - September 16, 2020, 17:26:40

I played the game from beta 2012 to November 2017 and recently returned. I was first disillusioned by the new rune system but now I friggin' love it. I'm still disillusioned by battlegrounds and lack of real pvp and pk'ing (side opinions). 

The question is:

How, when and where can I drop Epics and Relics?

Is it only S21+ dungeons?
Do mobs drop them or just the bosses?
What about those challenge mobs roaming outside of dungeons?

Can someone explain please? sad

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In totall all of it works to dropp but they dropp as fragments of the relics and you need to get 100 to combine it to get the gelic

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It varies from mob family to mob family. Most of them have a dominant or archimonster that have a chance to drop the epic outside of dungeons. In dungeons, they will be unlocked to drop only at stasis 21 or higher (explained at the dungeon door stasis options). Some mobs can drop the epic too, but this is not applied to all mobs. Check the encyclopedia bestiary for more details.

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