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The Mysterious Haven Bag

By FortYort - MEMBER - September 16, 2020, 17:18:12

With the Remington Kelba market destroyed, tons more haven bags have popped up in Astrub center, and one in particular has caught my eye:

I've googled and scoured the encyclopedia, but to no avail. Looks to be Srambad themed, but I can't find any info online. Can anyone tell me what it's called and where it was made available?

EDIT: For anyone curious, it's the Solkrupt bag, available at the Boss Smasher Machine (Astrub Tavern) for 3 tokens!
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Via Boss Smasher monthly token. Can check the Boss Smasher Machine in Astrub Tavern. 

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Aw yes! Thanks so much!

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