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By BloodAspect - MEMBER - August 13, 2020, 02:44:19

ALS (adjustable level system). A feature added by ankama to give relevance to low level content.

I'd like to start off by saying that als isn't for everyone. Some people like it; some people dislike it. 

I'm someone who dislikes als, I avoid it as much as I can. There's just something about being forced to downgrade your characters that feels unsettling for me. I won't bother going in depth about the time wasted in farming gear, wasting shards and subbing multiple characters in the desired level bracket(s). 

If als wasn't such a mandatory system I likely wouldn't have made this post. 

Some may argue that als isn't mandatory/forced but it is. The best way to obtain epic/relic subs is through the dungeon rankings. Unless someone can place top 1 in all 4 level 215 dungeons - they shouldn't expect more 1 sub each month (and that's being generous). 

Then we have the ogrest's wrath relic quest which isn't that hard to do even though it requires a lot of time. Time where a level 200 quest must be completed with a level below 200

Lastly we have the main reason why forced als sucks. This reason makes both prior points completely trivial in light of this one. Forced als on ultimate bosses. This is insanely...iop. The dungeons known to be hard, challenging, the best of the best...can only be won with characters with reduced stats. What a joke! Ogrest, Nogord, Shadowfang. The top 3 UBs that are currently in the game require the best become weaker. 

I've given my opinion and feelings on the matter and i'm happier with this forum out there even if nothing changes. 

If you miss running steelbeak, dragon pig, magmog etc without having to farm gear all over again feel free to comment down below.

Long live Sufokia!


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General Idea: adjust character strength to not overshadow lower level players you play with to have a more "equal" game experience, if desired ------- Good

Excecution: just horrible 
- the automated pages are simply inadequat (healing mastery on a Feca????)
- getting a decent equipment page together takes more time then passing through some of those level brackets (among other things, due to the latest crafting iteration)
- the lower UB might become "too" easy for high level players, but Steelbeak (not even mentioning moon here...) can still wipe out a full lvl 200 party if they are not careful, so why are you forcing us to get even weaker for him??

ALS could have been an awesome aspect of the game, if the stats and everything would have been somehow calculated/determind by the stats the character had at his current real level, but they HAD to use that page-system...

PS: I have not played in half a year now, but as far as i know, every one of these points still hits the mark.

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UBs implement it to stop people facerolling them with overlevelled/overgeared characters. Actually having to contend with the mechanics is the entire point of UBs. No amount of kvetching will convince me that people 1-turning the lower level UBs is the way it should be. Auto-emblems could stand to be a bit better (as is they're really, really bad), for one it could present a choice of Ranged/Aoe/Melee/ST/Tank/Healer emblems and shore up the bonus stats a bit. They'd still put you behind any halfway decent set.

Overall though I think ALS has been one of the best additions to the game for ages, it has rewards which are relevant, provides additional reasons to visit lower level content, and provides an entirely different thing to focus on (making comparatively cheap and quick optimal lower level sets) instead of slogging away at endgame stuff. Miles better than another cookie-cutter endgame island or one and done content like the Huppermage Academy.

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Personally I have no problem with UBs the way it is. Prior to forced ALS, people were just steamrolling it like there is no tomorrow that the challenges and mechanics incorporated into those bosses just became pointless. After ALS became mandatory, we were actually forming teams and gearing for those levels just so we could one up each other on the permanent leaderboards.

UBs are meant to be challenging, not to be a one-off thing that should be dismissed once you've moved past that level.

Though there are quite a number of things I think could be improved about this system:


  • It gives late game players some incentives to play with lower and mid level players at the same power level.
  • Not being able to carry / plow through these bosses give newer players an impression that 'getting stronger' is also a matter of mastery of their own class + PvE mechanics, not just a matter of leveling up and getting the best equipment, thus preparing them for more challenging dungeons/bosses late game.
  • It's still doable at lower stasis with emblems if you're not a fan of gearing up.

  • 6/5/4/3 man teams shouldn't be competing with 2*3 or 1*6 boxers on the leaderboards. The game should incentivize players who team up with other players to encourage player interaction.
  • Gearing for every level bracket became more tedious and unfun after the new enchantment system was introduced. Prior to the enchantment system, I personally have spent most of my time grinding for these level brackets so people would invite me to ALS runs, now that this RNG element is introduced into the mix, a lot of my effort just goes to waste that I became less motivated to do it. Even the most dedicated players in our server (Phaeris) just chose to move on from the game because of it, which leads to the next point:
  • It's hard to form a decent team to play on higher stasis. The team finder system in Wakfu is unusable / My server is just too dead for it.
  • The auto emblem system is inadequate for some classes. Give players a variety of emblems to choose from like the poster above me have suggested, or mine some data on existing player builds + stat pages, generalize it into one build for each class in each level bracket, and apply some sort power cap so that it doesn't perform better than players who have actually bought pages and grinded for their own gears, although the latter might too much hassle for a small dev team.

Just my two cents.

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I had to make an entire lv200 page to get through Mineral Tower, my level? 202! And guess what... none of my gear is above lv 200, so now only I lost overall 50% of my damage with ALS, I had to create a completely redundant build just to get my stats at a DECENT level for this dungeon. And good news and bad news, my Hupper just leveled up to 201 this latest Mineral run, so... I'll have to make her a page too xD

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The stat of gears that ALS automatically give should at least able to do all dungeons in stasis 1 as they were claimed to be the average gear stat of that level, which don't seem to be possible.

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