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Low lvl income

By Tzinch#7296 - MEMBER - August 04, 2020, 10:50:13
What kind of loot costs something relevant on very low - low lvl? I remember crafting items from bosses use to have good price, I quess now it's not relevant?
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A bit misunderstood.
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The market is player driven,
so you might have to observe the market a bit and reach a conclusion about what might get sold or nope eventually.
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if you wanted a steady income, making osamodas powder and bread should give a consistent income as it always in demand
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I concur with hellbringer, Osamodas powder, bread and other popular consumables will usually sell quite well on the market and be a source of kamas (as a returning player who started back baking, I can attest to its still-present popularity).
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You can also try crafting KenKo, alongside the bread and osamodas powder.
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Thank you for all advices.
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I'm a bit late for the answer, but you might prefer mining iron and minting it at the bank area. This is the easiest, fastest and most reliable source of income at lower levels, but not the one with the highest yield, however.
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Just level trapper, u can get regular income of cash if u just pinch some monster buns and sell what u find
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