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Level 160-170 leveling help

By Shinzyy#8823 - MEMBER - August 04, 2020, 10:31:06
Anyone know any good spots to solo level from 160-170? As a Sram, in case it matters. I can kill Enu realm mobs really easily and quickly, but only net around 6 mil exp a fight. Hoping to find something easy to kill that can give over 10 mil exp a fight.
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easy + 6m exp = repeat
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if u have high level trapper, you can leveling at moon, back when my sram is around 160 ish, i could solo nyl ripper and nyl hunter easily, but avoid nyl shaman at all cost
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Do battlefields. It is a ton of exp for little effort. You dont need a build. The default autobuild is enough in Capture the Flower and Great Escort. 
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Sorry, what's battlefield? Just came back to the game recently after a few years.

Edit: Figured it out. But they are only open certain times in the day. Doesn't seem like something I can spam, but I'll keep them in mind.
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